January As & Fs (Just a Little Late!)

A to the Winter Band Concert

The first band concert of the year was a resounding success. Some highlights included phenomenal performances by the Jazz Band, as well as a performance of “The March of the Armed Forces,” performed by Symphonic Band and 6th-grade band members from Gallup Hill, Juliet Long, and Ledyard Center schools.                   

A to Celebrate Singing

The 6th annual Celebrate Singing brought the Ledyard community together to sing. This year’s guest conductor was Mr. Matt Harrison, a choral conductor from Hamden Hall. Mr. Harrison brought his Chamber singers to join with Ledyard’s Chamber, Concert Choir, and elementary school singers in a beautiful show of music connecting our community that definitely displayed Ledyard Music’s motto of “Proud Past, Bright Future.”                                                       

A to the First Book Club Meeting

The first book club meeting was on January 8th, and they started it off with “Goodbye Days” by Jeff Zentner. The book is about a boy named Carver Briggs who sent a text to his three friends, right before they were all killed in a car crash. Carver blames himself for the accident and so does everyone else. This heartfelt novel was an amazing start to this new club. The next novel they’re reading is “The Sun is Also a Starby Nicola Yoon. If you wish to join, go see Ms. Smith in the Media Center to receive your own copy and start reading.

B to the Complete Works… Cast List        

“The Complete Works of William Shakespeare” cast list was posted and we are excited to see our fellow senior actors perform one last time with many new actors joining LHS Drama. With a cast list of over 25 people, this is sure to be a great way to end of this 2018-19 school year of theatre. However, we are a little hesitant about the show, because the show was originally cast for three people. A large part of the humor in the original show was derived from the fact that there were only three of them, and the cast had to quickly change character on stage. A cast of 25 will make this show into something else entirely, but we believe that the show still has potential, and we have faith in our thespian Colonels.

C to Graduation Not Being Set in Stone

We understand the reasoning behind not finalizing a date at first, because of the potential for days off for bad weather, but it is now the end of January and there is still no set graduation date. So far, there have been no snow days. As a senior, who cannot wait to leave this school and start the next chapter of my life, (no offense Colonels) it is very frustrating not to have a date set. Another issue with not having a set graduation date is that many families may be trying to plan summer vacations and book flights. Not having a set date is quite annoying for anyone trying to plan out their summer vacations. Come on Board of Education… let us out of here!

D+ To the Government Shutdown Ending

We think it is fantastic that the government has reopened, but we are also still upset that it was shut down for 35 days, making it the longest partial shutdown in our government’s history. Not only did it remain closed for that long, but there’s a potential for the government to shut down again if funding is not secured for a wall. It also stopped FDA food safety inspections, since it’s government funded, which puts many people at risk. The government shutdown affects many aspects of people’s everyday lives without us even realizing it.

F to Midterms

Midterms are such a stressful period. Having this massive test a few weeks after winter break isn’t the best thing to come back to. Many seniors who took ½ credit classes were exempt from taking this test which was a great plus for them. However, many freshmen took these tests for the first time, and many of them were not thrilled.

F to No Snow

There hasn’t been any snow so far, this winter, and it honestly sucks. I know most of us don’t want to be in school until late June, but a break from school would be nice. Instead of snow, all we have been getting are below freezing temperatures. Waking up at 6:30 am to go wait for your bus in 7° weather isn’t that great, simple.

Sandra Jimenez, Staff Writer

Junior Sandra Jimenez is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 Colonel. At LHS she participates in SAVE Club while pursuing her hobby in photography. After school, you’ll most likely find her studying Japanese and Korean while listening to K-Pop.

Anthony Zinno, Staff Writer

Senior Anthony Zinno is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 Colonel. He is an avid member of the music and drama programs at LHS. Outside of school, he could be found watching “The Flash” or going on hikes.

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