Valentine’s Day: The Ultimate Gift Guide

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate love and show affection to the people around you. While we certainly don’t need just one specific day to appreciate our loved ones, it’s a fun holiday to show a little extra love. However, Valentine’s Day can also be stressful when it comes to giving gifts! Luckily, The Colonel is ready to prepare you with the ultimate gift guide for not just significant others, but friends and family too!



Boys are notoriously hard to shop for, as it can be difficult to figure out a gift that they’ll enjoy,  whereas the holiday is generally a bigger deal for women. Gifts for men are usually best centered around food, a certain memory, or a hobby they enjoy.



Sentimental gifts that bring back certain good memories are always a win for everyone. It’s a simple, cute way to show someone how much you care about them and the time spent together. For the non-sentimental boys out there, a food gift is a perfect way to go  – no emotional attachment, easy and quick. Arranging the food in a creative way is an ideal gift for someone more on the casual side. Another gift idea is something to do together! Movie tickets, an adventure, a picnic, etc are good ways to spend the day together while giving back.



Girls are definitely the easiest to shop for in regards to gifts. They go nuts over anything you have to give them. Picking out flowers, chocolate, and a card is always a good choice, but for the people who want to stray from the basics, creative and meaningful gifts are the way to go. Of course, any girl will be lucky to get any present at all, so don’t stress too hard thinking about the ‘perfect’ one.



Giving a gift that requires more time spent with each other is a great idea for generally anyone. Women love bonding time and effort shown towards them. Rather than having the classic bouquet of flowers, maybe make it into a cute home decor item like the flower wreath pictured above! Collecting a souvenir from a special place is a way to remind your partner of the great times shared with each other, and of course, a candy or food item is a win.



Also known as “Galentine’s Day.” Having a Valentine is no match for having great friends, specifically girls. This is a great way to get together and celebrate your appreciation towards each other. Knick-knacks and small, useful items are the criteria when buying for friends.



Small gifts like those shown above are perfect for giving your girlfriends something they’ll enjoy and get use out of! Typically, the “basic” gifts (like flowers, chocolate, and jewelry) are better for a romantic relationship. For friends, go for something they’ve been talking about needing or is useful while still cute and fitting the Valentine’s Day theme.




Not a lot of people really think about getting gifts for family when shopping for Valentine’s Day. While it isn’t very common, getting just a little something shows gratitude for family and everything they do. Gifts for the house, flowers, or their favorite treat is the perfect gift for family members.

Something like DIY home decor and sweets for the house is a cute, yet safe, way to give gifts. While they don’t have to be big, showing love towards family on Valentine’s Day with a gift is a sweet, simple gesture to remind recipients how great it is to be surrounded by awesome people, and is often overlooked when being so concerned with significant others!

Morgan Sandborn, Staff Writer

Senior Morgan Sanborn is involved in five different choirs, including Chamber, Concert, Women’s, Acabellas and Carolers. She is also involved in the drama department, appearing in the 2017-2018 productions of “Almost, Maine”, and “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”. Morgan is also involved in Cheerleading for the football and basketball season and volunteers at events to raise money for the senior class.

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