How to Prepare for the SAT

Taking standardized tests can be a very stressful experience for some people. However, there’s no need to fret about it. Here are some tips that will help prepare students for the SAT.


Take Practice Tests


Practice tests can be very helpful so that students can become familiar with the layout of the SAT. Khan Academy has practice tests that cater to each individual student based on their skills. Take their practice tests here and go to the Khan Academy official page here for other information.


Learn From Your Mistakes


The way you understand the reasons why your answer was incorrect, and why the correct answer is what it is, can help you improve. Take a look at previous tests and quizzes that you have gotten back and check to see what errors you made in the past. Also, the mistakes you make will help you figure out which aspects you need to focus on more and practice more.


Target Weak Points


If you find that you struggle more in math than you do in reading/writing, focus more on math. Try to focus more on the points that you have more difficulty in but don’t neglect your strong points either. You want to try and maintain what you’re strong in and still practice it. Don’t forget, linking Khan Academy with College Board helps Khan Academy specifically target your weaker spots for more practice.


Get a Tutor

Getting a tutor can be very beneficial especially when it comes to studying for the SAT. A tutor will allow you to focus more since they will keep you busy with practice questions. Tutors can also help you with topics that you have more difficulty in and help you improve in them. National Honor Society has tutors that are available for free which will be very beneficial since most people can’t afford it.



Try to Improve at Mental Math


This strategy will help a lot especially during the non-calculator portion of the math section. It’s also useful since you’ll be more efficient since you don’t need to punch in those operations into your calculator. Instead, you can do them quickly in your head when you study. Some ways to practice mental math are visualizing the equation in your head. You could also practice remembering your multiplication tables by reviewing them


Look at the Questions First


This tip is more useful for the reading section. When you have a really long passage to read, it’s better to look at the questions so you know what to look for in the passage. This allows you to optimize your time and carefully chose your answers.


Make a Study Schedule


Based on how much time you have left before the test, make a study schedule so you can prepare yourself enough time to study. You don’t have to study for multiple hours in one day. Even studying for 30 minutes to an hour a couple days a week will help you prepare.

Be Ready for Test Day

When the test day approaches, try to make sure you get a good night’s sleep so you’re well-rested. Having a nice, balanced breakfast, will allow you to be well prepared for the task ahead.

Sandra Jimenez, Staff Writer

Junior Sandra Jimenez is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 Colonel. At LHS she participates in SAVE Club while pursuing her hobby in photography. After school, you’ll most likely find her studying Japanese and Korean while listening to music.

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