March Madness

The month of madness is coming faster than you think, and what’s a better thing to do in March than fill out a bracket of what 64 college basketball teams will make it far in the tournament and be able to call themselves national champions?

For those who don’t know what the March Madness tournament is, it consists of the top 64 college basketball teams in the country. The four teams with the best record receive the number one spot in their division and battle against other teams to try and make it to the finals. The tournament is known as March Madness because, every year, the most unexpected team either makes it far or beats a high ranked team that nobody marked as winning, and this messes up the majority of people’s brackets, which then causes madness.

Duke, Tennessee, Virgina, and Gonzaga are this year’s top four seeds, and since Duke has been named the most talented team anyone has seen in a long time, they will most likely be the favorite for winning the National Championship. There has been talk that Duke won’t even make it to the championship game because of how inexperienced they are, four of their five starters are freshman. But outstanding players like Zion Williamson, though he is now injured, and R.J. Barrett have shown this season that just because they’re freshman doesn’t mean they can’t play up to expectations.

Will Duke be able to live up to the hype? What teams will have the biggest upset? These and more questions will be answered by the end of March

Before Duke star Zion Williamson got injured with a mild knee sprain they were who I had in favor of winning the championship, but now I have second thoughts. Since Williamson has been out, Duke has been struggling and have not been winning games they should be; I now favor Michigan because of how many players have had experience in the tournament when they made it to the championship last year even though they came up short against Villanova. Stay tuned for more tips throughout the month.

Omar Whitmore, Staff Writer

Junior Omar Whitmore is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 Colonel. He enjoys mac and cheese and playing basketball. He also volunteered this past summer at Horses for Healing working in the office completing different tasks every day.


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