Senior Spotlight: Olivia Strelevitz

Olivia Strelevitz is a senior at Ledyard High School. She is known for being a varsity swimmer, as well as for her volunteerism. She will continue her education at Southern Connecticut University, and will be pursuing a career in education.

The Colonel: What do you do outside of school?


Strelevitz: I swim for my club team, babysit two girls (ages 7 and 9). I lifeguard, and volunteer at The Ledyard Clothing Exchange.

The Colonel: Why do you volunteer so much?


Strelevitz: I believe it is a very good way to meet new people and interact with the community.

The Colonel: Do you plan on continuing with these activities in college?


Strelevitz: I am planning on continuing these activities in college. I am excited to put myself out there and join new organizations and clubs at Southern. I am planning to swim for their team as well.

The Colonel: How have your experiences volunteering made you a better person?

Strelevitz: Volunteering has helped me communicate with different kinds of people and has forced me out of my comfort zone.

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