September As and Fs

Welcome to the A’s and F’s where we grade recent events. The grades are based off of our opinions about how good or bad the event was and how we believe it affects the community. These are some of the grades we have come up with for this month.

A to the Fall Musical Choice of  “Into the Woods” 

It’s a beloved classic that we can’t wait to see performed live. We love the casting choices and we know Mrs. Cometa will do an amazing job directing it. 

A to the New Teachers

Welcome to the Colonel family! With all the new teachers we have joining us this year, we’re going to have to learn a lot of names, but we’re happy to have fresh blood. We have several new special education teachers, a new PE teacher, a new band director, a new Ag teacher, and two new English teachers. 

A to Blue and White Day

Recognizing students for doing great things and helping their community? Yes, please. We loved watching our friends get awards and prizes for their accomplishments. The band’s choice of music this year was recent and popular and we loved hearing them play. This was also their first school-wide performance with new band teacher, Mr. Thomas, in the lead. Plus, the choir did a beautiful job singing the National Anthem. 

B to School Starting Again It’s been hard adjusting to getting up early and having to do homework, but we do get to see all of our favorite teachers, so it hasn’t been that bad. Plus, the Back to School Bash the week before school started was a lot of fun.

B- to the Ledyard Fair 

The fair was fun for sure, but there were so many people in attendance on Saturday it was almost impossible to walk around without getting your feet stepped on. But the food was good, the rides were fun, and the seniors and juniors were able to raise a lot of money with their booths. 

C to Only Having a Few Home Football Games

We’re glad we’re getting a new field but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing that we’ve only hosted a few home games. Try to support the team even if you can’t make it out to the games and go Colonels!

F to Ledyard Mosquitoes 

Normally the mosquitoes would earn a solid D- but now that they’re carrying diseases that can kill people, they’ve really reached a new low. They’re making us change game times and stay indoors after dusk on some of the last nice days of the year. All because they can’t keep their germs to themselves. Shame on you mosquitoes. Shame. On. You.

Ella Lindbeck, Co-Editor

Faythe Sarpu, Staff Writer

Junior Ella Lindbeck is a co-editor for the 2019-2020 Colonel. She is a swimmer and loves reading. If she isn’t watching the Harry Potter movies she’s probably napping.

Junior Faythe Sarpu is a staff writer for the 2019-2020 Colonel. She’s been cheer-leading for the past eight years. Sarpu has also started taking college courses at Three Rivers on top of her junior year in high school.

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