Spectacular Seniors: What are They Doing After High School?

It’s near the end of the 2020 school year and many seniors have turned their focus to what they’re going to do after high school. Read on to hear why some of your senior friends are excited to go to their universities and why they’ve chosen their majors!

Emma Chin is super excited about her college plans! Emma’s heading to Clemson University in South Carolina, where she’ll be studying bioengineering on a pre-med track. Emma says, “I’m really excited to go to Clemson because of all the opportunities there are for me to succeed and to be part of an amazingly kind and happy community.” You go, Emma!

Erin Lyons is looking to Framingham State University, where she’ll put her amazing art skills to work towards a degree in studio art with a concentration in education. Erin says, “I’m studying studio art in college because, first of all, it’s the only thing I’ve ever been able to focus on for more than five minutes, and it’s really the only thing I care about. Science is cool and how the world works is cool, but I can never get over the feeling you get when you fall in love with a concept for a piece and add idea after idea until it’s exactly how you imagined. I want to take advantage of every artistic opportunity I can get, and becoming a studio art major felt like the best way to have access to those opportunities.” We can’t wait to see Erin’s endless talent grow more and more!

Andres Pardo has chosen Drury University for his college, and he’ll be majoring in Accounting and minoring in Spanish and Marketing. He’ll also be earning his coaching certificate and playing baseball! Andres chose Drury University because he, “knew that there was too much opportunity in the business world to pass out on. When I went to visit with my family and saw the business program they have, along with the baseball program, I knew I had found my home for the next four years. Allowing me to travel across the world, to places like Italy and Greece, are opportunities you can’t let go. Even traveling to places in the United States as part of their baseball program. I got to meet my professors, my roommates, and my counselors at an admission event. That’s why I chose Drury University.” That’s amazing! Any college that gives you study abroad opportunities is definitely one worth considering. Good luck, Andres!

Katey Truncale says, “I chose elementary education because I know I want to work with kids, and I help in a kindergarten class for my senior experience, which I love. However, after taking AP Psych I really want to learn more about psych in college and my career options, so I chose to double major in both.” Katey’s double major studies will be taking place at the awesome UMass Amherst. If anybody can rock a double major, it’s Katey Truncale!

Kayleigh Woomer is gonna rock it as not only a lacrosse star but as a nursing star at Cedar Crest College this fall! Kayleigh has a deep connection to lacrosse that is an important part of her life. “Lacrosse grounds me and not only sets up certain opportunities to meet new people, but it’s also a key motivator for prioritizing and being on top of things. I’m most excited about the community I’ll be joining when I play next season; sports is such a big thing that brings everybody together, especially in college, and I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of building the atmosphere. Even though competitions for my last high school lacrosse season are cancelled and the season remains uncertain, it makes me even more excited and motivated to make up for the lack of season and step up my game.” You’re a rockstar, Kayleigh! Your personality will definitely shine bright at Cedar Crest. Good luck!


Ben Berlin has pretty much always known he wants to go into mechanical and aerospace engineering! The future Villanova University student says, “I love designing and building things, but once I started to think about the future and what it entailed out in the crazy world, I couldn’t not think about how space was the future! That’s what made me want to go into aerospace engineering alongside mechanical engineering.” Good luck at Villanova, Ben!

These are just highlights of a few seniors’ college plans – don’t forget about the rest of them! @ledyard_2020’s Instagram page has more info about the colleges Ledyard seniors are going to and/or what their future plans are. Remember to stay home and stay safe, so we can decrease the amount of coronavirus cases and possibly help the seniors, along with the other classes, have an awesome last month of school at Ledyard High School.

Alex Martinez-Garcia, Co-Editor of The Colonel

Sophomore Alex Martinez-Garcia is a Co-Editor for the 2019-2020 Colonel. She is the class vice president and loves to swim for Ledyard High School and her club team, the Westerly Dolphins! Out of school, Alex swims for the Westerly Dolphins and spends lots of time playing piano and watching the Office, Shameless, and Outer Banks.

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