A Little Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

By now we have all heard of the Coronavirus or Covid-19, and we have all felt the effects on our daily lives. Most of us are stuck at home quarantined, praying everyday when we wake up that we are able to have human contact outside our immediate family. With all of the negative and conflicting information we hear and read, how about we concentrate on something positive? For example, you may have read about clearing waters in Italy and bluer skies in California due to the decrease of pollution. In Venice, there is less traffic in canals, allowing sediment to settle at the bottom and the air is less polluted due to less boat traffic. The pollution in China has decreased due to mass travel bans and factories have shut down. How you feel about this situation depends on where you put your focus and whether or not you think these changes are for the best.  How the Earth is healing itself is a miracle of its own.

Another uplifting story comes out of Tunisia, where 150 factory workers have self-quarantined within the factory, away from their families and loved ones, in order to work 24/7 making masks to send to our health care workers around the world. Right here in the United States, companies such as Tesla and General Motors have volunteered to start producing ventilators to help our struggling health care system.

Locally, here in New England, our incredible neighbors, Bostonians, have been videotaped singing “Sweet Caroline” outside on their balconies and out of their windows while Italians sing from balconies, and friends from Spain unite every night at eight to sing with their neighbors out on the street, to show unity and strength. Volunteers have shown up to hospitals, singing and praying for the working staff’s safety.   

Perhaps hearing a little positive news will help you get through these rough times along with knowing that we are not alone in this struggle to maintain sanity. 

 Sophomore Erin Buller is a staff writer for the 2019-2020 Colonel. She focuses mainly on cheerleading but also participates in volleyball in her free time. When she is not on the court or on the sidelines, she is at home watching a football game or the same YouTube channel for the 7th time.

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