Songs to Listen to That Will Keep Your Spirits High

In times like these, it is hard to find things to keep people’s spirits up, but one thing that is sure to get people’s minds happier right now are some fun and upbeat songs. The songs on this list will be fun, upbeat, or something that’s good to dance to or sing along to. 

“Come on Eileen” By Dexys Midnight Runners- This song is not only a fun one to listen to, but it also sounds interesting because of all the different instruments  used such as accordion, fiddles, piano, bass, drums, banjo, and guitar. With such a range of unique instruments, it is easy to get lost in the song trying to hear each one. It is also upbeat and fun to sing along to with its toora-loora-toora-loo-rye-aye” which in Ireland means “Goodbye for now. I’ll be seeing you”.

“Dark Lady” By Cher- This song’s lyrics are definitely not happy, but the music is so good and Cher is so passionate about singing it that it is on the list. The lyrics tell the story of a woman that goes to a fortune-teller  to find out she should leave her boyfriend because he is cheating on her. Later on that night, the girl realizes she smelled the fortune-teller’s perfume before and realizes her boyfriend is cheating with her. Then she goes to get her revenge. This song is so fun to listen to because while the lyrics may be dark, the music isn’t sad and it is super enjoyable to sing along to during the chorus. It is also cool to really pay attention to the lyrics and hear the story.

“Forever in Blue Jeans” By Neil Diamond- This song is a beautiful song about how he doesn’t need money or anything and that all he wants is a simple life with his love. This song has a great build-up starting a little low and slowly becomes more passionate. It has a great tempo and is extremely catchy. This song is one that won’t only make you feel good, but will also probably get stuck in your head.

“I Drove All Night” By Roy Orbison- This song is about a man driving all night out from the city to be with his girlfriend. The story is simple, but the song has a fast tempo and makes you root for him to get home. Roy Orbison has the voice of a god and it is also really fun to play air drums to. If you don’t listen to any other song on this list I really do urge you to check this one out. It is really fun to jam out to. 

I Got A Name” By Jim Croce- This song is about a man going on a road trip without a care in the world and trying to follow his dreams. The music is not as abrasive as the other songs on this list and it is more relaxing but still a little upbeat so it’s not boring. This is also great to listen to in the car because it helps keep in the moment, enjoy nature, and appreciate the journey. 

“Dancing With Myself” By Billy Idol- I can’t imagine that someone hasn’t heard this song. This rock song is especially good for dancing and is easy to sing along to. It also makes it known that dancing by yourself is okay and that you don’t need to be with someone to have a good time.

These songs are sure to put anyone who is sad or in a bad mood into high spirits. Listening to these it is easy to forget the struggles for a little while and have a good time.

Trinidy Acevedo, Staff Writer

Junior Trinidy Acevedo is a staff writer for the 2019-2020 Colonel. She has a strong love for anything horror and has a large collection of T-shirts. She also loves spending time with family and camping.

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