Fall in Southeastern Connecticut

With the leaves starting to change, and the temperatures beginning to drop, the fall weather vibes are starting to come in strong. While we are still under lockdown, in a sense, there are things we can do to start getting in the spirit of autumn.

CLYDE’S: With the famous cider donuts and cider slushies, located in Mystic and surrounded by trees, it’s nice to look around while having cider, warm or cold, and see the autumn leaves  popping in color. Clyde’s has easily become a fall- trip staple to many people in Connecticut.

HOLMBERG’S: Another apple cider hotspot, but this time nearby in Gales Ferry. This orchard has plenty of space to pick apples and pears, seating areas, and even a maze and pumpkin patch! It is fall, so, of course, there needs to be some pumpkin carving going on, and this place has you covered. Even if you’re not up for an outdoor adventure like an orchard or corn maze, Holmberg’s also has a shop where you can pick up items such as pies, apples, veggies and other goods. Hannah’s Healthy cookies are my favorite.

PARKS/HIKING SPOTS: If you are anything like me, hiking outside in the fall might make you feel a little chilly on the outside, but inside it gives you a warm energetic, feel-good vibe. Plus, hiking and hanging out outside is a good opportunity to social distance but also be around a few people outside of school.

Sawmill Park: Sawmill Park in Ledyard is a quiet little spot on a pond, with a water run historic sawmill. Other than that, sitting by the pond and just taking a minute to breathe is something we all need sometimes. This place offers a sense of tranquility, right in our home town. Surrounded by trees, you can also see the leaves changing colors. It is usually here you can really capture the vibrant colors of autumn all around you.


Bluff Point: Open year-round, Bluff Point offers scenic trails and beaches. This is perfect for a hike alone to chill, or to bring some friends or family too! As someone who loves photography, this joint is the perfect place for a photo opportunity due to the range of scenery around you. Beaches, the forest, and sometimes you may spot a few deer or birds as well! Whether it is to go on a hiking adventure or to just take a relaxing walk with your dog, Bluff Point is satisfying in the scenery and the all-around vibe.


Glacial Park: Here in Ledyard, Glacial Park along Whalehead Road is perfect if you are looking for a more “intense” hiking experience. A very rocky climb and steep incline at times are just what an outdoor adventure calls for. In the spring, I went along with my brother and dad, and it was beautiful. I cannot wait to go back this season!


AT HOME: Sometimes, we all just want to chill at home, and that’s totally cool! Haha, chill, cool, anyway. Cuddling up with a blanket and a good book is a vibe we all need to locate at times. Maybe some cider too, after going to Clyde’s or Holmberg Orchards, who knows! You can head to Sift as well and pick up a warm latte and then Holmbergs for a fresh apple pie. It’s also a perfect time to experiment: maybe make your own apple cider or pies! I don’t know about you, but that screams fall to me. So what are you waiting for? Get out and enjoy the season! 🙂


Emma Gillette, Staff Writer

Junior Emma Gillette is a staff writer for the 2020-2021 Colonel who loves writing and photography. When she isn’t in class, she’s most likely doing something musical, whether it is playing an instrument, singing, or listening to music. You can probably catch her taking some pictures outside or reading.

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