It’s Official: “Kimye” is Over

It’s been almost two months since the rumors of divorce and Kanye West’s alleged affair with beauty guru, Jeffree Star, began.  While Star has since come out and said he was never seeing Kanye, it has been officially confirmed that after six years of marriage, Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce. TMZ has reported that Kardashian is asking for joint legal and physical custody of their children, and that West is okay with it. Many insiders have also reported that Kim was tired and fed up with a lot of Kanye’s behavior and games. According to an In Touch Weekly source, “She’s [Kim] tired of being laughed at and getting caught up in the backlash of Kanye’s actions.” Amid the divorce, social media took on the role of stirring up more drama, where rumors began circling that Kanye had an affair with Jeffree Star, while staying in his Wyoming home. After soaking in and enjoying all the attention he received and, of course, playing along with it, Star ended up uploading a video to his YouTube channel stating that the rumors were false and according to a close friend of Star, the TikTok user,  @realavalouiise, who started the rumor after uploading a video to the app, made it all up for views. 

Although that drama ended up being fake, Kim and Kanye’s divorce is very real. Fans and Twitter users have had a lot to say over the past couple days since the divorce was confirmed. One user wrote, “Seeing Kim and Kanye divorce is sad. Like yeah we saw it coming but I’m not rejoicing at someone losing their family. Kim really tried her hardest. Kanye also tried. In the end though it wasn’t enough.” Another wrote, “Kanye got on Twitter dot com and told us Kim had sexual relations with meek & that she wanted an abortion. Chile, the divorce papers were drawn that night.” Other users even turned to making memes. Clearly, reactions have been mixed, but overall, social media has been filled with a lot of love and compassion for both the reality star, the rapper, and their four children. 

Sophomore Evelyn Mallory is a staff writer for the 2020-2021 Colonel. In her free time, she enjoys listening to current joys  and painting.

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