A New Face in Room 106

Students of Ms. Szell’s may have noticed a new addition to their classroom: on Wednesday, October 13th, room 106 received a class pet. Tobias (whose full name, given by Ms. Szell, is “Tobias or Toby-Tobes”) is a red-eared slider turtle originally from Agri-Science. Toby has quickly become a beloved member of the class.

“It’s a fallacy that turtles are slow,” said Ms. Szell, in reference to Toby’s exploits outside of his tank. When he is released from his tank and given time to play on the floor, he takes off like a rocket. She also notes that he is “the world’s most photogenic turtle,” which is a hard claim to dispute. As evidence, she has provided a photo collage of Toby (featured below this article).

Concerns have been raised about the size of Toby’s tank. The tank contains a few gallons of water, several rocks arranged under a heat lamp, and a faux-rock fountain- which doesn’t leave much room for the turtle himself. He can often be seen swimming directly against the glass at the front of his tank, leaving observers with the impression that he is trying to escape. Ms. Szell has jokingly mentioned plans to rectify the situation via a LEAF grant.

If you’re suffering from a distinct lack of turtles in your life, visit room 106. Toby is guaranteed to brighten your day and renew your appreciation for our reptilian friends! And consider bringing him some shredded carrots or lettuce as a snack.

Photo collage courtesy of Ms. Szell

Senior Erin Wilkinson is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 yearbook. When she isn’t drawing or writing, she enjoys listening to music and spending time with her friends.

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