Get to Know Mr. Wisniewski!

The majority of the school already knows Mr. Wisniewski, or as many call him, Mr. Wiz. He definitely plays a role in our school as he shares the comedy we need during these times. As we all know, there’s a lot to Mr. Wiz besides school. Are you ever curious what your science teacher does outside of class? Well, Mr. Wiz has many interesting hobbies, some even may say he has many “strange” hobbies. 

Mr. Wiz graduated from Michigan State in 1997; from there he went to Eastern Michigan State (EMU) and graduated in 2004. While acquiring an education at Michigan State, he earned a bachelor’s degree in medical technology with a minor in microbiology. At EMU, he received a bachelor’s degree in secondary education, with a major in biology and a minor in general science. After graduation, Mr. Wiz went straight to his career of teaching. He taught five years at Ledyard Middle School, and from there, came to Ledyard High School and has been here ever since. 

But besides the fact that he loves science, he does many other activities as well. Some of the many hobbies he participates in are: reading, playing video games, cooking, spending time with family, astronomy and mineralogy; he is also a beekeeper and ham-radio operator! Mr. Wiz has a huge interest in weather and many teachers even call him “The Weather Wookie.” 

Mr. Wiz says that his favorite thing about teaching is, “I like to work with kids and I like helping kids develop as individuals.” It seems to be that Mr. Wiz’s favorite thing about teaching has made him many students’ favorite teacher.

      Sophomore Madi Tomaszewski states, “WIZ IS FANTASTIC! He is always very energetic and he tells jokes; he is funny. I still say hi to him as I walk down the hallways even though I had him the first semester of freshman year. He really connected with his students.” 

     Junior Jennifer Towne agrees and says, “He is a power-lifter, and that’s cool. And I like how loud he is, it keeps me awake.” As we can see, Mr. Wiz has made an impact on many of the students and continues to do so. 

Mr. Wiz is the prime example of the kind of teacher every student hopes for. Using techniques similar to his may result in students staying awake and even becoming engaged in all classroom environments!

Junior Ally Keefe is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 Colonel Newsmagazine. She is a dedicated cat and fish mom. She enjoys spending all her money on things she doesn’t need. And when she is not working, she is with her besties!

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