Student Spotlight: Isabella Rowan

Isabella (Izzy) Rowan is a junior class officer, along with being involved in multiple other clubs and activities. She is a dedicated mother to her dog Dublin, and could often be found listening to Taylor Swift or watching movies with her mom. Outside of school, Izzy also is a beloved employee of the Commissary where she bags groceries.

Q: Would you ever want to live in another country? 

A: I would love to live in another country. My favorite part about living overseas for five years was being able to travel to new places and expose myself to different cultures. I am really hoping that at some point during college I go back overseas, whether it be in an abroad program or fully going to a college over there; it is something I really want to do again.

Q: What was it like living in Italy compared to the United States? 

A: It was very different. It was a big change, but I loved being able to expose myself to new things and travel to new places. I am incredibly grateful that I got an opportunity like that at such a young age.

Q: What are you involved in at Ledyard? 

A: I am a part of NAHS, NHS, and I am class vice president. I am also a part of More Than Words which has been a really great group to be involved in. Being a part of NAHS and NHS has been a big accomplishment of mine because it has been something I have been working towards since my freshman year. I also joined More Than Words at the height of COVID, and it has been an eye-opening experience, and I have learned a lot from the other members.

Q: What do you do outside of school? 

A: I love to paint, and if I have any free time I tend to spend it doing that or watching new movies. I have also recently gotten back into reading. I fell out of reading for a while, so it has been nice to get back into it.

Q: Do you have any idea what you want to do after high school? 

A: I am not certain what I want to do yet, but I am interested in accounting. I really enjoy the accounting program here, so I am considering going to college to major in accounting. Although, the idea of editing movies has always been an interest of mine, I might consider taking a route that can help me achieve that. 

Emily Goodrich, Staff Writer

Senior Emily Goodrich is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 Colonel Newsmagazine. She is the senior class Vice President and an NHS member. When she’s not harassing her mom to go to the beach or with friends, you could probably find her napping

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