An Inside Look at Ledyard Music

Hi! My name is Emma Gillette (yes, like the stadium), and I am an active member of Ledyard Music. I currently sing in Chamber Choir, Out of the Blue, Carolers, and Chorale, and I play in Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, and the Ledyard Winds. I also sang for Concert Choir and Select Singers. I am the current drum major of the marching band, and the section leader for multiple choirs, so I am a heavy advocate for joining Ledyard Music.

In choir, you get to be around your friends while also making beautiful music. Mrs. Cometa works hard to give her students the best experience possible while also having a fun time. You have the opportunity to play games, sing popular music and sing in other languages. It is a nice place to go for a break from the world, as Mrs. Cometa says, “Leave your troubles at the door.” 

As a freshman, you will either be in Chorale which is made up of sopranos and altos, or Colonel Singers, featuring tenors and basses. The first concert of the year is Meet the Choirs, where we introduce our ensembles for this year. Next, is the Holiday Spectacular. This year, the bands and choirs came together for a joint concert! In the spring, we put on the Buriak/Candler concert, which shows everyone how much we have grown as musicians while also raising money for the Buriak Scholarship and the Candler Scholarship. After Buriak/Candler, it is Pops season! We perform songs from movies, tv shows, and the radio while dancing to close out the school year in early June. It sounds busy, but every moment is worth it.

In band, we play and perform, whether it be fun and exciting jazz tunes or calming ballads. During the school day, Jazz Band and Symphonic Band are offered. Jazz Band is a super tight-knit group comprised of saxophones, trombones, trumpets, and a rhythm section. Symphonic Band is much larger and includes all concert instruments. Symphonic Band has a more “concert band” vibe compared to Jazz Band, but the music created by this group is amazing; one of my favorite parts of the day is sitting in the band and listening to the sounds created by this group.

Symphonic Band is also part of the Marching Band, which takes place from late August to around Thanksgiving. Marching Band is an outdoor band group where we move, and sometimes dance, while playing music to tell a story. This past year, our show paid tribute to 9/11 featuring music by Alicia Keys, Frank Tichelli, and more. Marching Band is one of my favorite times of the year. After Marching Band is done, we begin Chamber Ensembles, which is completely optional, but an awesome opportunity. You get to play in smaller groups of instruments like yours, and pick what music YOU want to play. It is mostly student-run, but Mr. Thomas is there to help whenever needed. 

From Ledyard Music and Ledyard High School, welcome, and we cannot wait to see you soon!

Emma Gillette, Staff Writer

Senior Emma Gillette is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 Colonel Newsmagazine. She is an active member in the music department as a drum major of the marching band and is a section leader for multiple choirs. In her free time, she enjoys reading and listening to music or playing instruments.

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