Hot Takes on Unpopular Opinions

With all the fake news that has been circulating in our world, the Colonel News thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to post some of our raw opinions about topics that aren’t as heavy as the ones we’ve been seeing on our social media feeds. 

We decided to take one for the team and expose our unpopular opinions and are waiting to see how many people will be utterly ashamed by these opinions or grateful that they aren’t the only ones siding with the dreadful unpopular opinions. 

(*Disclaimer: All the bedmakers and chocolate ice cream lovers may be offended..*)

There’s no reason to make your bed every morning: Agree 

I have no shame in admitting that I do not make my bed every morning…or any morning. I believe my mornings and nights would not become better if I decided to start making my bed, but I do know that I will turn this simple “chore” into the most daunting and aggravating task, which I simply do not want to do. I am the only person (besides my beloved dogs) to see or be asleep in my bed, so I do not see any reason to spend an average of two minutes and 40 seconds readjusting my pillows and straightening my sheets, and covering it all with a blanket, other than the fact that it looks more appealing to some individuals. Also, making my bed each morning seems pointless when I will be jumping back into it 12 hours later and will have to rearrange my blankets to get the maximum amount of comfort in order to fall asleep.

Chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla ice cream: Disagree

To say chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla would be a horrific mistake. Vanilla ice cream is a classic sweet dessert that can go with anything. Not only can vanilla go with practically any dessert, but it amplifies it into being our favorite. Apple pie would not be America’s favorite if it was never paired with the iconic vanilla scoop, but it would be America’s least favorite if it was only served with an overpowering chocolate scoop. Chocolate ice cream is good alone when you specifically want a bite of pure chocolate taste, but if you were to have it as a side to complement a different dessert, the only flavor you would taste would be chocolate. I couldn’t understand how this would be an unpopular opinion to begin with, but it is easy for me to disagree that chocolate ice cream is superior to the beloved vanilla.

Sprinkles on ice cream are gross: Disagree

I don’t know who came up with this idea because sprinkles have always been one of the most popular ice cream toppings from what I know. Whether you add chocolate or rainbow, they add the perfect sweetness and crunch, as well as a cute pop of color. They also go with every flavor out there, so really what is gross about it? I guess some disagree and say it doesn’t go with the smoothness of the ice cream, but I think that that is the whole point; it’s good to change it up and add some flavor and texture that you wouldn’t usually think would go with ice cream. I may be biased considering that I am a dedicated sprinkle lover.

Christmas without snow isn’t Christmas: Agree

Alright I don’t know if it’s just me, but Christmas has not felt like it’s supposed to in years. When I picture Christmas I picture the ground covered in snow while snow continues to fall throughout the day. In Connecticut, we haven’t had a completely white Christmas in what seems like forever, and has affected my excitement and mindset toward the homey Christmas morning. We get so excited leading up to Christmas, after watching all the Christmas movies where they bake cookies and make snowmen, but then when the time comes around for us, none of that happens. Looking at the grass and dirt outside on Christmas morning just doesn’t feel the same as if it was snowing and that’s simply a fact.

Traveling is a waste of money: Disagree

I do not know one person who would simply say that they do not want to travel. Traveling is a beautiful experience that gives you the opportunity to experience new things that you aren’t able to in your hometown. It gives you the chance to venture out into the world and learn new things, meet new people, and may even help you learn something about yourself. So, to say it’s a waste of money would be to say some of the most valuable experiences you make are a waste of time and money.

Money can buy happiness: Agree 

I agree that not everyone who has money is happy, but when I get that paycheck and actually have money to buy things, it sure makes me happy. There are many people out there who live a great life without money, but I think that having the money to do things is what makes you happy. For instance, money makes it easier to live day to day with fewer worries, it also allows me to travel the world and experience new things, and of course, the power of money makes it possible for me to go on shopping sprees that bring much joy to my life. Without money, I’m sure I’d have some kind of source of happiness, but I definitely do believe it would be arrogant to say the money I use to buy dogs, clothes, and shoes doesn’t make me happy.

Emily Goodrich, Staff Writer

Senior Emily Goodrich is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 Colonel Newsmagazine. She is the senior class Vice President and an NHS member. When she’s not harassing her mom to go to the beach or with friends, you could probably find her napping.

Allison Keefe, Staff Writer

Junior Ally Keefe is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 Colonel Newsmagazine. She is a dedicated cat and fish mom. She enjoys spending all her money on things she doesn’t need. And when she is not working, she is with her besties!

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