Winter Book Recommendations


Looking for books to throughout during the winter months? As a reader, I love having book recommendations from other people. I made a list of my top five books (not in order) that I think are perfect for staying inside during cold weather. All these books are mixed genres, so if you don’t like the genre of one, there’s still more to choose from. Some of these books have serious topics though, so please keep that in mind if you’re more of a light reader.


The first book I’d recommend on this list is Winter Garden, by Kristin Hannah. This follows two daughters and their cold relationship with their mother. Growing up, they never understood why their mother wasn’t affectionate with them, but after their father passes, their mom starts opening up through a story. The story is definitely my favorite part of the book. I just read this book recently, and I was really happy with it. As you can imagine, the majority of the book takes place during winter. I will say, some of this book can be a little cheesy at times, but the storyline and details within this book are worth it. The ending was great, and you felt like you had the perfect amount wrapping up.


The second book I would recommend is The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. The story is actually told by Death, which adds an interesting perspective. The book takes place in Nazi Germany during World War II, and follows the adventures of a nine year old girl, who loves taking books. This book is very popular, and for a good reason. This book has beautiful detail. It’s a longer book, but it doesn’t feel like so much when reading. There is a lot of sadness carried throughout this book, but it’s written very well, so you’re still always wanting to read more. 


The third book on this list is Book Lovers, by Emily Henry. The book tells the relationship of two people in the publishing industry, who do not like each other. After planning a vacation with her sister, she runs into the guy she’d want to see least. After interacting with each other more, they start to like each other. This is a happier, romance-comedy novel. This light-hearted book is about two people with the “black cat” personality.  It’s not my favorite book on this list, but it’s still good nonetheless.


The fourth book is The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion. This fun book is an easy read but also very interesting. This book follows a genetics professor with aspergers, who creates a questionnaire to find the perfect wife. After meeting a woman who’s almost completely opposite of his ideal wife, he finds himself trying to change for her to fit into each other’s lives.  It’s a funny romance, but you also learn some stuff, so it’s a pretty cool book.

Psychological thriller

And the last book is The Daughter, by Lucy Dawson.  When a mother loses her daughter 17 years ago, she lives with guilt everyday.  Now that she’s tried to move on, weird things start happening in her new home, and a series of secrets starts to unravel. It’s a really good psychological thriller.  I really think this book should be more popular and well-known.  It’s a really good book with a mind twisting ending that leaves you in a little bit of shock for a few days after finishing it. This is one of my favorite books I’ve read in 2022. 

All these books have interesting stories to tell and things to piece together. I enjoyed reading all these books, and I hope you will too. Happy reading!

April Chahmirian, Staff Writer

Sophomore April Chahmirian is a staff writer for the 2022-2023 Colonel Newsmagazine. She likes reading and counting down the days until Halloween.

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