The Cadbury Bunny Contest

There were many lucky winners for the Cadbury Bunny Contest over the years. What is the contest about? Who was the lucky winner for 2023 for the Cadbury Bunny contest? What do you win? How do you win? Continue to read this article to find out.  

 The Cadbury Bunny Contest is when the chocolate brand invites pet owners nationwide to submit photos of their adorable pets wearing bunny ears for a shot at starring in Cadbury’s Easter ad campaign. After rescue pet owners entered, thousands of entries from across the country were received. Dogs, cats, beavers, and horses were included, trying to win the contest. People in America then voted for their favorite rescue pet.  

An eight year old rescue cat named Crash was the winner for the Cadbury Bunny Contest for 2023. As the winner, Crash is going to be in the 2023 Cabury “Clucking Bunny ” commercial. Crash also took home a $5,000 cash prize, and also won $5,000 that was donated to the animal shelter of the owner’s choice. Crash is the first cat who won the Cadbury Bunny Contest. 

 Crash was rescued after a bad car accident where he was badly injured and suffered a broken leg, broken jaw, and he was left with one eye. He was rescued by Simply Cat animal shelter. While he was healing at the shelter, his quirky personality made everyone quickly fall in love with him. Crash became their resident shelter cat. Crash loved to impress people by performing tricks like giving high fives. Crash’s owner, Maddie Corey, was jumping with joy when Crash won the Cadbury Bunny Contest, but she wasn’t surprised because he had always been the center of attention in any room. Crash’s owner can’t wait to see Crash take center stage for this year’s Cadbury Clucking Bunny Commercial and share his story with the world. 

Hailey Veal, Staff Writer

Hailey Veal is a staff writer for 2022-2023 Colonel Newsmagazine. She likes drawing, baking, mountain biking, archery, playing card and board games, Disney and Marvel movies, and animals.

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