April Fools’ Day 

The Colonel Staff  hopes you enjoyed our April Fools’ articles this weekend.  Anything published on April 1st was absolutely false, but we decided to have a little fun for the sake of the holiday.  

April Fools’ Day is a holiday for people to prank their family and friends. But how did April Fools’ become a holiday?  What makes a good prank, and what’s not a very good prank?  As you keep reading you will find out what you want to know. 

April Fools’ Day is celebrated on April 1 each year and is where you prank people or you might be pranked too. No one really knows how April Fools became a holiday, but there are many theories on how it all started. Some believe that April Fools’ Day goes back to 1582. Pope Gregory XIII  is someone who introduced the Gregorian Calendar that was the new calendar to start on January 1. The Julian Calendar begins on April 1. Although hundreds of people who didn’t get the news continued to celebrate the new year that began on April 1, so they were called “April fools.”

A good prank is to surprise people with an unexpected event that will cause a reaction that turns positive when they realize it is a joke. Pranks should always be harmless, that would be fun and make people laugh. Everyone likes to laugh a little or a lot. But sometimes April fools’ pranks can go too far and no one wants that to happen. Also pranks should not go on for a long time for the same person and not say “April fools” at the end of the prank. April Fools’ pranks should never make someone feel sad, mad, or scared.

Many of us would spend days planning the perfect prank to play on people. Some people might have a hard time coming  up with a prank because they are worried that it’s not going to work, or people might figure out the joke too quickly. People can always try to prank your family, friends, or co-workers for a good laugh. 

If you aren’t up to April Fools’ Day pranks this year then you can look up something that you can send over text to someone to make them laugh. There are many things you can do like a balloon room. Balloon room is when you blow up a collection of balloons and cluster them together. Then attach them to the inside of the window of the door so that it looks like the entire room is filled with balloons on the other side. Another prank is an uncontrollable remote. This prank would put a tiny piece of black tape to cover the sensor  on the clicker so they can’t control the remote, no matter how hard they try. Brownie fake-out is another prank idea  that you can do. Brownie Fake-out is when you would tell people you made brownies, but when they lift up the foil that is covering the tray they would see that there’s a collection of E’s that has been cut out form brown construction paper. There are some ideas that are my favorite pranks to play on people. You can also make up your own prank, something that someone didn’t know about and won’t expect. 

April Fools’ Day, pranks are for a little fun and good laughs for everyone and you would try the ideas for the pranks on your family and friends. I hope that you had a good April Fools’ Day!!

Hailey Veal, Staff Writer

Hailey Veal is a staff writer for 2022-2023 Colonel Newsmagazine. She likes drawing, baking, mountain biking, archery, playing card and board games, Disney and Marvel movies, and animals.

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