Oct. 3


  • To anyone who participated in the ALS Challenge. Not only have you contributed to an amazing charity, you also gave those of us with no lives something to do by posting endless videos on our news feed.


  • To the new online Colonel. If you are reading this, then obviously cutting the paper Colonel wasn’t so tragic after all. The Colonel lives on! Huzzah!


  • To fall peeping out of it’s shell. If there’s one thing good about a cow town, it’s the natural beauty of the leaves changing.




  • To the heat during the first few days of school. Pretty sure every grade got an early case of senioritis every time they had to peel their sweaty legs off their chairs before going to the next class.


  • To allergies. It’s as if all the leaves coming off the trees are falling up our noses.


  • To the MAP testing. Soon enough they’ll have a test for every group of letters in the alphabet.


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