Blue & White Day

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The band starts to play, the cheerleaders begin to tumble on the mats and get the crowd excited, and all classes pile into the stands. The mix of music, cheers, laughing, clapping, and talking creates the thrilling chaos we wait for all year. It is the new and highly anticipated Ledyard High School tradition: Blue and White Day.

The celebration this year started with the recognition of outstanding awards and accomplishments to students, introductions of new teachers, and speeches by fall team captains. “It was a great way to start off the school year,” freshman Avery Samokar said. “We got to do something as a whole and support our school.”

The student body also had the delight of learning the school’s Alma Mater, lead by music director Mr. Hammond and the Concert Choir. “I thought it was very interesting to learn the Alma Mater that was presented to us,” junior Hayley Proctor stated.

Colonel pride was strengthened as three Ledyard High School principals (former principals Louis Gabordi and William LaFleur, and current principal Amanda Fagan) took the ice bucket challenge in respect for former English teacher Ken Johnson, who is currently battling ALS. The three braved the cold in honor of the great cause, with help from Student Congress.

“I thought it was a great way of getting the year started,” senior Joe Warmus stated, “and reminding everyone what being a Colonel is all about.”


Haley Hinton, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Senior Haley Hinton is Assistant Editor-in-Chief for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She is Miss New Haven 2014 and Editor-in-Chief of Ledyard’s Horizons Yearbook. 

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