Ben McHale: Athlete of the Month

What kinds of sport do you practice?

I play soccer and tennis.


Have you tried other types of sports?

I used to swim and play baseball when I was younger.


How long have you played these sports?

I’ve played soccer since I was about five years old. As for tennis, I’ve played since my freshman year at high school.


Why do you like these kinds of sports?

I enjoy soccer because of the teamwork involved. In order to succeed, it needs to be a team effort. No one person can carry the entire team. The friendships formed with your teammates are unbreakable. As for tennis, I enjoy the atmosphere of the team and matches. Although it is more of an individual sport, the team is constantly helping each other improve.


What is your motivation to play?

I honestly just love playing sports. It is a great way to relieve tension and improve your overall health. I also enjoy playing sports with my friends.


How did it feel to play against the team that you got your injury from?

There was some awkwardness, but I don’t hold grudges. It just motivated me to play better.


How has last season impacted how you play the game now?

Last season did not turn out so well. We only had two wins. Over the summer, I knew I would have to work hard to help the team as we went into this year’s season. It motivated everyone to increase the intensity and work rate so we could have a competitive season.


Do you want play any sports in college?

Definitely intramural or club sports.


Do you follow any tennis and soccer on TV? If yes, what and how often?

I watch a lot of soccer on television. My favorite league is the premier league. My favorite team is Manchester City. I’ll watch one or two games on the weekend. Other times, I will make changes to my Fantasy Soccer Team.


Is there an athlete you admire? If yes, who and why?

I admire Steven Gerrard from Liverpool. He has a passion for the game of soccer like no one else. His loyalty to Liverpool remains unwavered. He also is a natural born leader that leads by example.


How have these sports influenced your life?

These sports have become a key aspect of my everyday life. I’ve formed impenetrable friendships with my teammates. I’ve learned the importance of persistence and leadership. I’ve also found a passion in life that I continue for years to come.


Till Hambörger, Staff Writer

Junior Till Hambörger is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. He is a foreign exchange student from Germany.

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