Are YOU All About That Bass?

Most of you have probably heard Meghan Trainor’s new song “All About That Bass” playing on the radio or blasting at Homecoming. The song mainly revolves around body positivity and loving yourself, which is something we haven’t seen in the most recent media.

However, most are hung up on the one line “Go ahead and tell them skinny ******* hey.” Articles upon articles are bashing this song because of this one line targeting the idea of skinny shaming. Though this piece of the song proves to be offensive to some, directly after this is said, she follows with “No, I’m just playing, I know you think you’re fat…” In no way is Trainor trying to be offensive, because why fight fire with fire? In order to love yourself, you need to acknowledge your body and accept yourself and others.

This twenty year old body-preaching singer has truly showed up with a bang by promoting such love for herself and the love you should be showing yourself. Remember, this song isn’t just a mindless beat you hear and ignore in the car. It has meaning and purpose to it. Just like Trainor says, “Every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top.”


Megan McKern, Staff Writer

Sophomore Megan McKern is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She participates in GSA, fencing, and the indoor soccer team.

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