Ping Pfun

Ping pong gets more famous by the day, and is a sport played all over the world. The sport has now reached Ledyard High School. Chinese exchange student Jonathan Lei is now leading the after school activity “Ping Pfun” every day from 2:30 to 4:00 P.m.

Ping pong, in a way, is similar to tennis. However you have smaller rackets, a smaller white ball, and you play it on a table. It is also much faster because the distance is shorter. It is very popular in China; children learn it at a very young age and this is also why most championships are won by Chinese teams.

Lei started ping pong when he was three years old, and was really disappointed when he came to Ledyard and no one was playing his favorite sport. Now that the long snow period is over, Lei talked to athletic director Mr. Buonocore about buying ping pong tables, and he agreed in order increase the offer of different sport activities. On April 7 the tables will arrive, and Lei will be ready to start the activities the day after.

Fifteen students have signed up to take this great opportunity of being taught by a Chinese ping pong master. Many are excited to learn a new sport. Ping pong has always been a big dream of a lot of students, and now it is coming true.

Ping pong is a great chance to start something new, an arena where nobody is really good and where everybody has the same chance to become skilled.


Till Hambörger, Staff Writer

Junior Till Hambörger is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. He is a foreign exchange student from Germany.

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