An Achy Breaky Heart

Finding love isn’t a dream anymore; it’s taking the form of reality. Our very own Social Studies teacher Seth Galante is taking his lonely self to the big screen on The Bachelor’s 20th season in 2016. Although he looks like the average teacher, Galante has a lot to offer and wants to share it with a special woman that he thinks he’ll find with the show.

But Galante hasn’t always been this outgoing when it comes to the dating scene. On past dates, he’s always seemed to pass on his luck. “When I would try to make small talk, it just went nowhere. But, come on, who doesn’t appreciate a good butternut squash soup recipe?” Galante said.

One of his main passions is the craft of cooking, and Galante has gone so far as to make a screening process to make sure he doesn’t meet a girl who can’t cook. “It’s just a waste of time otherwise,” Galante says, “but I’m a nice guy. I would serve a goodbye meal if a girl didn’t get a rose, the main course being a variation on my favorite kale salad.”

When asked what else he looks for in a girl, Galante has a list of requirements for girls he dates, including intimidating strength to haul his bucks in on their hunting trips, to change leaders in five seconds or less when they go fly-fishing, and knowing how to haggle down the price of a vehicle. “She has to be street smart,” Galante said.

Although he is considerably vocal about what his eating habits are, Galante has another secret passion that few know about. But with his upcoming appearance on The Bachelor, he’s decided to go public. “I’m in a boy band,” Galante said, “emphasis on the singular ‘boy’. I made the band by myself in high school, really drawing my inspiration from ‘The Black Eyed Peas’. Ever since then, I’ve taken off under my stage name ‘Kookin’ Kale’. It’s something I’m really proud of, and a good outlet for when I’m stressed by my Civics kids.”

He hopes that this little known fact will really sweep the ladies off their feet. When asked if he was nervous about his first rose ceremony, which is almost a twelve hour process ending in the early morning, he shrugged his shoulders, and said, “Feeling tired is for the weak. As long as I have my mug of coffee and power food, I’ll be fine. Hopefully the babes will be impressed by my rugged manliness.”

“All in all, I’m absolutely ecstatic to start this journey to finding my girl who’s ready to break through my gruff exterior to find the heart of a sensitive boy band member.” Stay tuned to NBC in 2016 at 8/7c every Monday to see Galante find the one he’s been waiting for.


Jamie Bogue, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Jamie Bogue is the Editor-in-Chief for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She is a drum major for marching band, sings in Ledyard Carolers, and is attending Liberty University next fall.

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