A New Art Form

From April 28 to May 22, Inner Visions will display artwork in the front lobby showcase. Student produced art includes paper design, photographs, collages, and poetry. Club advisor Barbara Park has just published Inner Visions XLI, the 41st print issue of the magazine here at Ledyard High School. Regular contributors to the site include landscape photographs from junior Megan Brawner, poetry by sophomore Allison Antcliff, scenic photos by junior Gianni Jannke DeMuzzio, and floral design from senior Sierra Mendez-Neff. Each month, a new student is awarded the title of “Inner Visions Artist of the Month.” Past artists of this year have included seniors Alec Chattin and Quinn Duwelius and junior Alexsis Powell.

“I feel like if people read and connect with the things I write, they will feel more comfortable writing and expressing themselves that way,” junior Olivia Triplett said.

“Before Inner Visions I wasn’t sharing it at all, and I really enjoy having a way to do that,” sophomore Allison Antcliff said.

Because Inner Visions is an independently run club, donations are greatly appreciated. Donations could even help restore an old tradition of running an in-house contest with prizes for winners and runners up.

To view more, please visit http://innervisionslhs.weebly.com/


Leah Sheltry, Features Editor

Junior Leah Sheltry is Features Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She is Vice President of YUGA club and is on the swim team.

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