NHS Toy Drive

From Dec. 1 to Dec. 15, National Honor Society holds its annual toy drive. For the first week of the toy drive, toys will be collected at the main lobby each morning. For the second week, LHS will bring back the 2014-15 schedule, which includes homeroom after first period.

“It’s a homeroom to homeroom competition,” NHS junior Meghan Plourde explained. “The winning room gets a breakfast.” Plourde thinks that bringing back homeroom for the event will boost results: “I think it will be more successful than the food drive because having a designated time [every day] specifically for this cause will help people remember that this is going on and that they can personally help local families.”

The toy drive has been successful and very impactful over the years. “In previous years we’ve raised over $3,000 for toys,” NHS senior Cheyenne Holliday said. She also thinks that reverting to the old schedule from last year will enhance the overall success. “By bringing back morning meeting we’ll be able to constantly remind students, answer any questions, and create a sort of hype for the toy drive,” Holliday said.

All collected goods go to Ledyard Social Services. Used toys, stuffed animals and books will not be accepted.

Carina Wang, staff writer

Sophomore Carina Wang is a staff writer for the 2015-2016 Colonel. She is on the FIRST Robotics team.

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