Jan. 8 Poet Laureate

I live for arrows drawn on paper that show

A leads to B and there isn’t another way.

I can explain in detail how African parasites

evade our bodies complex immune system.

I can differentiate a multi-variable equation

in a number of minutes.

I can tell you how we work, how millions of

years of evolution has perfected and

refined and perfected again how a single

electrical pulse is responsible for

everything you have ever done, every

winning point, every kiss and hug, every

aced test.

But one thing I can’t explain, something I

can’t understand, can’t quantify or


is the physical pain you feel inside when

you miss someone so much

how your heart breaks in two when you

look across the room and they aren’t there

Olivia Triplett

Senior Olivia Triplett is the 2015-2016 Poet Laureate.

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