Zootopia Movie Review

Want to see a movie that is fun for everyone in the family? Zootopia is the movie for you! It has a combination of both action and adventure, has a sense of comedy, and top-of-the-line 3-D animation. In the city of Zootopia, there has never been a bunny police officer. Judy Hopps’ dream is to be the first bunny to make it in the police force. But this isn’t an easy job. She has to start at the bottom by giving parking tickets. She meets a scam-artist fox named Nick Wilde to help her crack her first case. Chief Bogo doesn’t have faith in Judy, but he gives her a chance to find out where the kidnapped animals have gone. She only has 48 hours to finally make her dream come true. Judy and Nick were able to track the animals in Cliffside Asylum where the animals are kept in cages. They were drugged with a medicine that cause them to go rabid and crazy without control. Duke Weselton, a weasel that is known for crime and breaking laws, was behind the whole taking of these innocent animals and Judy finally cracks the case. I thought the movie was great with the story set up and how it is appropriate for all ages.

Julio Nieves, staff writer

Sophomore Julio Nieves is a staff writer for the 2015-2016 Colonel. He is on the basketball team.

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