Tighter Restrictions for Colonels

Sadly, Ledyard schools have recently put into place a new set of policies that can get you suspended. These rules go into place at LHS on April 3, 2017.

  1. Blaring music through the halls with a speaker. Even though you and your friends enjoy your music, the teachers don’t seem to agree. Playing music in the halls can result in ISS.
  2. No more headphones or earbuds. Even if you store them away in your bag, if a teacher sees them they have the and you guessed it, you also get a suspension too.
  3. Backpacks are gone for good. The school system finally decided to get rid of backpacks for good. Some teachers stated that they pose a threat for the school by allowing students to bring anything they want; these could include drugs and weapons.
  4. No knee socks! The beloved knee socks are banned too. They pose a threat, just like backpacks. Students can hid a lot in knee socks and that’s just not safe for the school, so kiss your knee socks goodbye.
  5. Iss. The detention rule, that states you get a detention if you walk in late, has been upped to a suspension; so make sure you set your alarm early.
  6. Junk food. Schools across America have been working on getting rid of junk food in the school system for a long time now. Ledyard is now part of a mission that helps insure a healthier generation, so junk food can now get you suspended at LHS.
  7. Going old school. The National Board of Education has issued an alert that all schools must get rid of mechanical pencils, due to a threat of violence in the schools system; so don’t bring your mechanical pencils or you could be suspended.
  8. Drinking coffee. Even though caffeine helps you wake up in the morning, it causes     many students to come to school late, and can attract pests if spilled on the floor, so Ledyard decided to make coffee a suspendable offense, compared to the old policy where if you walked into school late with a caffeinated beverage in your hand you had to throw it away.   


Hannah Chapman, Staff Writer

Junior Hannah Chapman is a staff writer for the 2016-2017 Colonel. When she is not participating in Ledyard’s swim and tennis teams, she is often listening to music and attending many concerts.

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