‘Hot Shot’ Jacob Tyler Money

The thundering roars of over 2,000 voices filled the clamorous gymnasium at Waterford High School.  The room was pulsing with energy.  At the front of the sea of color and costumes that was the Ledyard student section, stood Jacob Money, dressed as Moses and holding a staff in the air.  In what seemed like slow motion, he brought the smooth wooden stick to the floor, and walked up the bleachers as the bodies split before him, creating a path to the top.  

This epic moment occurred in March at the LHS Boys’ Basketball ECC playoff game versus East Lyme. Jacob Money, one of the Colonel Crew leaders, described the atmosphere simply as “alive.” One student describes the Colonel Crew as “a group of students that go around to different athletic activities for the high school and cheer on the Colonels.”  It is known throughout the school that Jacob Money is at the head of all the costumes and chants of the Colonel Crew. When he was commended on his role in the crew, Money said, “It wouldn’t be possible without all the awesome kids at LHS, there’s just so much support for one another.”  

Jacob’s school spirit carries into the politics of LHS, as he was elected class president for the senior class this 2017-18 school year.

“I think I’m doing well, but it’s not just me, the other officers have helped me so much to help me know what I have to do,” Money said on the subject of fitting in.  The first fundraising project for the senior class was the balloon and donut booth at the Ledyard Ffair and it raised a whopping $1800.  

Jacob Money is also heavily involved in some of the clubs at LHS, including The Key Club and Student Congress. Money fills a unique position for The Key Club. He obtained the position of Lieutenant Governor last year. His duties include overseeing and retrieving reports from all of the Key Clubs in southeastern Connecticut. If that isn’t enough, he also helps to represent his class in Student Congress, which is a club that helps plan class events such as Senior Sunrise.  

Outside of LHS Money is a family man. He often goes to his younger sister’s, Samantha, softball and basketball games and cheers her on. “Yeah sometimes the games can get boring, but it’s important to Samantha so I go and support her,” Money said.

When people think of Jacob Money, they may think of his leadership for the Colonel Crew, his position as president of his class, or even his participation of clubs at LHS, but what many people don’t know about him is that he often helps the community by doing service.  He puts in countless hours of service through both National Honor Society and The Key Club but Money has also helped out at numerous blood drives for the American Red Cross.  In addition to this, he committed himself to helping out those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma by asking for donations from various locations. “I like to help those who can’t help themselves,” Money said. “It just makes me feel good.”

Someday Jacob hopes to be able to help those in need on a national level by becoming President of the United States.

Trevor Hutchins, Staff Writer

Senior Trevor Hutchins is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. He is one of the few three sport athletes at LHS and is President of Key Club. Trevor is also an avid Avatar watcher, an amateur guitar player, and can “whip up an irresistible secret sauce in the kitchen.”

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