A Teen Wolf Fanatic’s Reaction to the Final Episode

It’s been six years since spaztastic Stiles Stilinski dragged his best friend, Scott McCall, out into the woods in the middle of the night to search for a dead body. Since then, they have embarked on an adventure consisting of kanimas, an alpha pack, a darach (aka a creepy Derek Hale stealer), a Nogitsune (or as I like to call it, the time Dylan O’Brien was hotter than usual), a supernatural dead pool, chimeras and the Dread Doctors (note: Theo is the literal definition of nightmare dressed like a daydream, copyright TSwift), The Beast of Gevaudan, The Wild Hunt, and finally the fearsome Anuk-Ite (see what I did there?).

As the final episodes of Teen Wolf aired, the entire fandom sat anxiously waiting for the official ending of the beloved show. Now, I have been a devoted lover of Teen Wolf since Stiles first said “Sarcasm is my only defense,” but the finale on Sunday was extremely anti-climatic.  Even so, there were a lot of emotional and memorable moments that made the episode nostalgic.

Top Five Best Finale Moments:

#5: Theo finally having emotions and being able to take Gabe’s pain.

This literally means that Theo has learned enough to care about someone, Gabe in particular, who just shot at him and has been hunting him for weeks. He finally felt pity for someone else and took his pain away. ANY PROGRESS IS PROGRESS.

#4: The relationship goals that are Corey and Mason.

The only real scene that had both of them in it was the cutest scene. They were in a potentially dangerous situation and you could tell Mason was scared out of his mind. He turns to Corey and says, “We might die tonight.” At that point my heart was already breaking, but then Corey snaps it in half with his determined words: “We are not dying tonight.” Goals.


First of all, if anyone tells me they didn’t like Jackson this season, they are 100% lying. Jackson was perfect in these last episodes. My favorite moment was definitely when he tells his guard, “I used to drive a Porsche. Can’t really drive sports cars anymore… there’s no room for the tail.” Also, Jackson and Lydia’s interactions were so perfect. I’m so excited that they had a reunion scene because they were such a power couple in season one and seeing them so close made me super emotional. Let’s not forget Lydia’s one-liner, “I thought you’d never figure it out.” A+ to Lydia.

#2: Sheriff Stilinski as the best father/boss/friend in the entire world.

The Sheriff has always been my personal favorite since season four, and his “Have you guys been time-traveling?” scene, but it’s really hard to imagine he won’t be a fan favorite after his appearance in the finale. Fans saw him save Parrish’s life and regain his rightful place as Sheriff of  Beacon Hills. You can see how they have shown Stiles as a reflection his father and it was truly nice to see.

Honorable Mention: Derek “Sourwolf” Hale

So many of my fellow Teen Wolf fans have asked me to write something Derek’s return to the show. My favorite Derek scene in the last episode was when he’s talking to Scott and Scott automatically assumes that Derek came back for Beacon Hills and Derek has to clarify, “No, I came back for you.”

DISCLAIMER: This is a huge spoiler for the entire episode. So skip #1 if you need to.

#1: Scott McCall’s biggest fear

I don’t know what anyone else believes, but I always thought that the Nogitsune was the worst villain in the show. The Anuk-Ite feeds off of fear. It uses people’s biggest fears against them to make them stronger. Scott’s fear was the Nogitsune, the demon that possessed and almost killed his pack while wearing his best friend’s face. Scott’s fear was that his support system would turn against him because he relies on them so much, the same way he relied on his eyes to fight. He had to overcome his fears and doubts, which was one of the most memorable moments of the entire season.

Even with all these moments, the Teen Wolf finale as a whole was very disappointing for many fans, as seen on Tumblr and other social media platforms. The fandom wanted to see the group have a future after these years of chaos. We wished that they would have happy lives afterward and always be on the run…and a little #Stydia wouldn’t hurt anyone either. We wanted our favorite characters to have a life outside of the supernatural world. We wanted it to come full circle and there were lots of plot holes and questions that weren’t answered.

Who knows though? There are a few rumors of a spinoff, so stay tuned Wolfies!

Julia Bennett, Staff Writer

Sophomore Julia Bennett is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. She is a coffee and Italian food addict and can be found swooning over all things Teen Wolf, even though British TV is clearly superior because “English accents are to die for!”


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