10 Great Things That Happened At LHS This Year

  1. LHS students got to enjoy the new Winter Dance which was a nice change from strictly Homecoming and Prom.
  2. We enjoyed an inspirational talk from Chris Herren learning to stay on the right path.
  3. The Ledyard Music program went through some great changes with the new choral director, Melanie Cometa.
  4. Students got to rock out with Attaboy at an in-school concert.
  5. So MANY snow days. Which isn’t feeling too great now, but at the time it was pretty cool.
  6. Our boys’ baseball team went to the semi-finals
  7. We had very fun fall and spring pep rallies for everyone to enjoy.
  8. The LHS Library introduced FitDesks, where kids can exercise while still working hard.
  9. NAHS added two new murals to our school to keep our hallways colorful and happy.
  10. Finally, we got to enjoy another great year with the staff here at LHS.

Anna Leandri, Staff Writer

Sophomore Anna Leandri is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel and a serious Harry Potter addict. When she’s not eating Moe’s, she’s practicing volleyball and track and plotting how to defeat all of her friends and family in various board games.

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