Safety First

Tragically, a motorcycle operator is about 16 times more likely to be killed in a motor vehicle collision than an operator of a standard vehicle. Motorcycle crashes are happening a lot more frequently than in the past. That means more injuries and even deaths.

This is only the beginning too, the warmer weather has just started and is bringing out more motorcycles for the season. “This is when everybody’s dusting off their bikes,” said Mike Schwartz, owner of Mike’s Famous Harley Davidson in New London. Too many people are wearing shorts, no jacket and no helmet. All riders should take the necessary precautions on the roads, by wearing proper gear (a helmet, eyewear, long sleeves and pants, and heavy boots), be conscious of their surroundings, and follow the laws.

It’s not only the riders part in this act its the standard vehicle driver too, don’t drive like you’re from Massachusetts. Motorcycles are small and fall in blind spots easily and if you have your music blaring loud you won’t hear them. The standard vehicle driver should create a greater following distance from a motorcycle and always be aware. This is extra important to our new drivers getting used to the road. Leave extra room for bicycles and motorcycles!

Have fun this summer and stay safe!

Cassidy Carroll, Staff Writer

Junior Cassidy Carroll is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. She plays varsity cross country, lacrosse, and track for LHS while also being a member of NAHS. Outside of Ledyard, she’s often taking part in daring adventures…but she didn’t share any.

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