CelebriTEA: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Since the hit movie “A Star is Born” came out in October, fans everywhere have been speculating rumors about the on and off-screen relationship between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Given the plot and details of the movie, it’s understandable that hopeful viewers at home would want the two to make the movie into a reality (most of it). Many have started their own theories about what’s going on between the two, and while we may not know the details, there is definitely something stirring between the actors.

The Timeline

April 2016- The beginning of their *work* relationship began when Bradley Cooper first sought out Lady Gaga for his movie after seeing her perform at a benefit in Los Angeles among several other A-listers. Captivated by the performance, Cooper says, “She leveled the entire room when she came out. It was insane.” The story actually matches up well with the movie, as Gaga sang “La Vie en Rose”, the same song that caught the attention of Cooper’s character in the movie.

June 2018– The trailer for the new movie, “A Star is Born”, comes out June 6, sparking an interest in the eye of many nosy fans as they get a sneak peek of the electrifying chemistry between Cooper and Lady Gaga. After the trailer released, buzz about the movie and the actors started swarming through the nation during press tours, interviews and red carpet events, all of which feature an intense connection between Gaga and Cooper, adding fuel to the conspiracy theory fire created by viewers.                                                                              

October 2018- “A Star is Born” finally gets released for viewing in theaters everywhere. The highly anticipated movie was extremely successful, earning over $42,000,000 just during opening weekend for ticket sales. The emotional movie pulled at the heartstrings of hopeless romantics, and the talk of the town for the next few months continued to be Gaga and Cooper, hearing the hit song “Shallow” on the radio every five minutes. The singer says she felt an “immediate connection” the moment she and Cooper locked eyes for the first time. Foreshadowing?

January 2019- Things between the actors start to heat up, and fans have been taking notice. At Gaga’s Las Vegas show in late January, the singer gives a beautiful rendition of “Shallow” bringing her up her co-star Bradley Cooper, who was seen watching the show from the audience. The performance sparked suspicions in the minds of viewers, witnessing the raw connection between the two as they sing such an emotional song.

February 2019- Ah, the peak of the ongoing romance of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Just weeks after separating from her fiance Christian Carino, Gaga joined her co-star in a very….interesting performance of “Shallow” during the Oscars, which later in the night won Song of the Year. Obviously, the singing was great, but what really sparked fans’ attention was the emotion and tension behind the song. The two clearly look like something is going on, if they’re not already involved with each other.

February 2019- Following the Oscars’ performance, Gaga did numerous interviews about the movie and her life afterwards, but one specific interview really helps to answer the question of whether or not Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are in a relationship.


Take a look at the way Gaga is responding to questions. In the beginning of the interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she answers questions about the less juicy topics smoothly. However, when the rumors about the possible affair came up, Gaga starts stuttering, losing train of thought which is clear in the interview.

February 2019- In the same interview, Lady Gaga tries to put an end to the rumors about her possible relationship with Bradley Cooper. When Jimmy mentions that after the Oscars performance fans must’ve thought they were in love, Gaga explains that that was the intended effect, seeing as though “Shallow” is a love song. Everything from the walk up to the stage to the endearing looks was set up by the actors to portray that specific image to fans.

While rumors seem to have died down after some clarification by the actors, we still can’t be too sure that that’s all they are. There are definitely some grey areas in the facts about their working relationship, so it is still very plausible that a relationship is going on between the two, and I’m sure we’ll get news when they need publicity!

Morgan Sanborn, Staff Writer

Senior Morgan Sanborn is involved in five different choirs, including Chamber, Concert, Womens, Acabellas and Carolers. She is also involved in the drama department, appearing in the 2017-2018 productions of “Almost, Maine”, and “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”. Morgan is also involved in Cheerleading for the football and basketball season, and volunteers at events to raise money for the senior class.

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