Breaking News: Sources confirm that senior Anthony Zinno fakes diabetes for attention!

It seems that being on the stage all the time was not enough attention for Mr. Zinno, who our sources have confirmed is faking diabetes for attention. The Colonel asked some of Mr. Zinno’s close friends what they thought of the news, and if they thought the rumors were true. LHS junior, Forrest Paradise, said that he was extremely confused, and said he wanted to test the theory of Zinno’s non-diabetes by, “strapping him to a chair and force feeding him carbs and see what happens.” Senior Ben Vajdos’ main question for Mr. Zinno is, “Dude what have you been injecting into your arm?” The Colonel will attempt to piece together this puzzle for those questioning how one could fake such a serious disease.

After interviewing Mr. Zinno’s family members, it has become apparent that they were not aware of Anthony’s charade. When asked about it, his parents and brothers adamantly defended him, saying that he had regular visits throughout the years with endocrinologists. When The Colonel looked into the doctors he listed, it was revealed that he has had four different endocrinology specialists since his apparent diagnosis. One can only assume that these doctors refused to treat Mr. Zinno after they found out that he was in fact, not a diabetic.

Mr. Zinno could not be reached for comment on any of these questions or accusations. Mr. Zinno is wanted on seven counts of fraud, and he is believed to have gone into hiding. Any information on his whereabouts would be extremely helpful.

This story has been reported anonymously in fear of retribution from accused parties. 

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