March As and Fs

A to the Faculty Recital

On March 26, Ledyard High School held the first Faculty Recital. This recital was put on by the members of our music department’s staff to showcase their wide range of musical capabilities. The recital featured Mr. Green (upright bass), Mr. Troy (piano), Mrs. Cometa (voice), Ms. Sayles (trombone) Joy Lamb (voice) and AJ Lamb (voice). Shout-out to Mrs. Cometa for powering through her performances while being sick. The money raised at the event was to help support the music department.

A to the Buriak-Candler Benefit Concert

The Buriak Candler concert, a usually lightly attended concert, was packed! Our choral program, under the direction of Mrs. Cometa, put on a fantastic concert. This concert preceded LHS’ Chamber Choir and Select Singers tour to Nashville, Tennessee.

B to March Madness

March Madness means a lot of college basketball fans getting super hyped over the NCAA tournament, and getting super angry when their brackets get messed up. But, March Madness gets a B because of all the people complaining that their teams are not winning.

B to Senior Superlatives

Senior Superlatives night was quite entertaining, mostly thanks to Senior Zack Anderson’s hilarious compilation of videos. The show did suffer from many technical difficulties, and despite a terrible script, MCs Leo Kowalski and Ken Turner were able to finish the awards night in under two hours.



NEASC was a great time to showcase the school and all the amazing things that we do here at LHS, however, during the week they were here, everyone was on edge. The entire school’s mood seemed to be under the cloud of NEASC and the pressure to make sure we showcased everything. There was a collective sigh of relief when they were gone.


C to SATs

Let’s face it. The SATs are quite intimidating. They are one of the deciding factors colleges look at when students apply to them. For the stress alone, the SATs deserve a D, but because everyone besides the juniors had a day off, the SAT’s grade jumps to a C.


F to Jussie Smollett (Again)

Jussie Smollett. C-List actor, man who faked a hate crime… has had all charges dropped because of an apparent *air quotes* lack of evidence. If you have forgotten what Mr. Smollett has done, pop over to the February A’s and F’s article for the background information. Moving right along, to claim there is a lack of evidence, frankly, is B.S. There is a mile long paper trail that all points to Mr. Smollett faking this hate crime, including but not limited to:

  • A paper check made out to the two actors who carried out the “attack”
  • Video evidence of the alleged attack
  • Text messages between Jussie and the attackers asking them for a “favor on the low.”
  • Testimonies from the two men paid by Jussie to help fake this crime.


Anthony Zinno, Staff Writer

Senior Anthony Zinno is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 Colonel. He is an avid member of the music and drama programs here at LHS. Outside of school, you could find him bingeing shows on Netflix, or going on hikes.


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