The Mamba Legacy


On Sunday, January 26, basketball legend Kobe Bean Bryant, his daughter Gianna Bryant, John Altobelli, his daughter Alyssa Altobelli, his wife Keri Altobelli, Christina Mauser, Sarah Chester, her daughter Payton Chester and the pilot, Ara Zobayan, died in a devastating helicopter crash.  Kobe was 41-years-old when he passed away and his daughter Gianna was thirteen. Kobe was an inspiration and idol to the basketball community and people all around the world. His talent and character had such an impact on the world that he even got his own nickname “Black Mamba.”  

Kobe Bryant was drafted in 1996 by the then Charlotte Hornets and then almost immediately got traded to the Los Angeles Lakers where Kobe would set milestones and an unforgettable legacy.  In his 20-year career with the Lakers, he won five NBA championships, was an eighteen time NBA All-Star, two time NBA scoring champion and was the 2008 NBA most valuable player. The Lakers’ legend played with some phenomenal players like Shaquille O’Neal, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, and more.  Kobe won three NBA championships with Shaq and they were so good together that they are now in the conversation as the best duo in NBA history. Kobe’s legacy as a Laker was so unforgettable and so moving that some consider him to be the greatest Laker of all time: even the great Magic Johnson (former Lakers point guard) says he was.  

Kobe Bryant taught people a certain way of thinking, especially when things in life are challenging, a specific mentality called “Mamba Mentality.”  The “Mamba Mentality” is a title for not giving up and never being afraid of challenges and to never cower away. That title works with lots of different situations in people’s lives, not just for basketball; if things at home aren’t working out, fight through it, if someone isn’t doing so well as a student fight through it, if something isn’t going one’s way in general, FIGHT THROUGH IT.  Thanks to “Mamba Mentality” many lives have been changed in positive ways, people’s confidence has gone up and overall,his message has made a positive impact on society. 

Everybody is heartbroken over the loss of Kobe and Gianna mainly because they know what has left Earth: a father and a daughter who loved each other and who both made efforts to improve women’s sports, the African-American community, and the world as a whole.  For giving people strength that they didn’t know they had or didn’t know how to use, thank you,Mamba…you will never be forgotten.   

Nicholas Curcuro, Staff Writer

Senior Nicholas Curcuro is a staff writer for the 2019-2020 Colonel.  He is a big sports fan and funny guy to be around. When he is not blowing minds with his sports knowledge, he is making people laugh and feel happy.

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