Best Of The 2000s

Just like we’ve left behind a long decade, Generation Z’s also left behind a decade of childhood. Let’s recap the best of our childhood and go on a nostalgic trip.

Silly Bandz:

Silly Bandz were a classic accessory that all the cool kids wore. Whether they were traded with others or stacked all the way up arms, almost everyone had some. There was one in every color possible and a countless amount of shapes. Some kids even made up a business  with a manager and CEO. If you look hard enough you may be able to seek out a few more sets of them.


As a kid, online games were one of the many ways to keep our little brains entertained. Some were educational but most were just for fun. This was the time where we had no idea what phones were and the only thing to keep us busy was computers. The most popular games played were Coolmath for kids, Webkinz, Papa’s Pizzeria, Girls Go Games, Animal Jam and Club Penguin. Some are still out there, so go check them out and be a child again.

TV Shows:

The best shows of the 2000’s were found on Nickelodeon and Disney. Whether it was “iCarly,” “Drake and Josh,” “Victorious,” “Sam and Cat,” “Suite Life on Deck,” or “Wizards of Waverly Place” there was always a show to watch. There are also many long forgotten shows like “Blue’s Clues,” “Wonder Pets,” “Word World,” “Super Why,” and “Peep in The Big Wide World.” All of these classics kept a little kid glued to the screen while they ate their dinosaur nuggets and smiley fries. They may not be on air anymore, but they will always be remembered.


Some popular picks when it comes to foods and drinks from the 2000’s are Kool Aid Bursts, Kid Cuisine, Danimals, Dunkaroos, Capri Suns and Fruit Loop, Cereal Straws. The theme in these delicious treats is they all have sugar, which is most likely a reason why they were so popular. 

This list consists of only a small amount of all the fun food and refreshments that were a part of our childhood.

And more:

Just when you thought the nostalgic memories were over, here are some more places that were long forgotten. The Scholastic Book Fair was the one time during every elementary school year where you could all stocked up on spy gear, picture and chapter books, Chinese erasers, and other colorful and entertaining miscellaneous toys. At the Dinosaur Place you could enjoy digging up fossils, gems and geodes, go take a walk down the trail of life size dinosaurs and shop for dinosaur momentos. When you wanted to go out for dinner, the Rainforest Cafe was the place to go. With it’s loud thunder sound effects and green vines and trees spread around it feels like you are dining in the Amazon Rainforest. Everywhere you look there is a mini aquarium filled with exotic fish and even a life like alligator in the center of it all.

This list consists of only a small part of our generation’s childhood that will never be forgotten. It’s what the children of 2000’s grew up with and the thing we all shared.

Madelyn DiFilippo, Staff Writer

Junior Madelyn (Maddie) DiFilippo is a staff writer for the 2019-2020 Colonel. She is a fencer, participant of the FFA, and an avid reader. When she’s not at school, you can find her at home binging Netflix Romcoms with her mutt, Lucy, or embarrassingly jamming out to her music.

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