Tearin’ Up the Track

Many students and faculty members are aware of the fact that the remodeling of the track is in action. However, not all know the steps it took to get to the point where they are now, and what the plan looks like moving forward. Here’s some history on the field project, and the future of the endeavour. 

On January 6, a town meeting took place to discuss whether or not the funding could be acquired to pay for the track and field project. Later that evening, the budget proposal was passed and the community eagerly waited for the construction to begin.

In an interview with Mr. Buonocore, Ledyard High School athletic director and assistant principal, he explained how long the community has been wanting to update the track and field to improve conditions and safety. Buonocore said that the track was last remodeled in 1998. He said, “I actually tried to get this project going as far back as 2012.” That was his first proposition to the finance committee of the Board of Ed. At this time, the idea of redoing the track was a general project, he was not specific to where it would be. Buonocore said, “I was open to putting it at Blonders or maybe in the back soccer/lacrosse field.” 

Buonocore felt a synthetic turf field would be a financial benefit, in regards to the safety and usage of people in the community. In 2014, there was a budget crisis causing the project to be put off. Eventually, Buonocore brought the project idea back up to Superintendent Hartling in fall of 2018 by bringing him the concerns of the cracking and drainage problems. Buonocore says, “I really give a ton of credit to Mr. Hartling for listening and recognizing the importance of athletics in the high school, and the importance of a first class facility for our student athletes and the town.” Soon after, Hartling began working with the Board of Ed. and Town Council making construction on the track a priority for discussion. By the time fall came around, the money was already appropriated, devoted to the purpose of fixing the track. The original start date was October 24, 2019, but due to funding issues the date was pushed back. After multiple meetings with the Board of Ed. and Town Council, they decided to take the decision to a town vote. 

The town approved the remodeling of the track and field, and about a week later the project was started. It is planned to be about a three month project if there are no interruptions, such as weather. The workers cannot start curing the track until after graduation, but graduation will still take place in the same area assuming the turf is completely down. The full size regulation soccer, lacrosse, and football field as well as the six lane track is expected to be completed by early August, according to Mr. Buonocore. 

Sophomore Emma Smith is a staff writer for the 2019-2020 Colonel Magazine. She enjoys playing soccer and drinking ice coffee. When she’s not at soccer she’s with her friend or spending time with family.

Sophomore Yzabella Waddell (Yzzy) is a staff writer for the 2019-2020 Colonel. When she’s not found on the soccer field you can find her drinking way too many iced coffees. Outside of school. Yzzy can be found with her friend Emma Katherine, or with her hedgehog, cat, dog, and hamster.

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