The Bright Side To a Terrible Situation

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc throughout the entire globe leaving behind a trail of sorrow. From unemployment rates reaching a record high, to the stock market crashing and of course, the millions of people struck by the virus. While it’s hard to look on the bright side, in the midst of this horrifying time period, we must seek comfort in the positive in order to make it through this time together. This virus may have many negatives when it comes to humankind, but it has many positives for the environment. 

One of the environmental benefits of the Covid-19 crisis, is the improved air quality in areas that have been quarantined. In both Italy and China, the air quality has improved during the time period that these countries asked their citizens to stay home. With a ban on people being out and about, CO2 emissions have dropped, especially in the largest pollution location in the world- China. This gives immense hope to our world, that if the highest pollution producer can raise the amount of “good air quality days” to 21.5%,according to China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment, then the rest of the world has the capability to follow suit as well. If people begin to work at home, we have the ability to reduce over 300 million tons of carbon emissions, according to the Climate Group, but that’s not all staying at home for work does for the environment.

With people being confined to their homes in Italy, it has led to the canals in Venice becoming cleaner than ever. Due to the fact that there has been less traffic on the canals, that has allowed for sediment to stay on the bottom and, as a result, the water has been clearer than it has in 60 years according to a spokesperson for the Venetian Mayor. There have been sightings of swans and the fish at the bottom. While there has been some fake news about dolphins being spotted in Venice, this fact happens to be on another island that regularly sees dolphins. But any positive news will help lift spirits during this difficult time. 

So while we are having a tough time adjusting to self-isolation, we need to look outside ourselves and see the benefits that our lack of industrialism has on nature. 

Remember, stay safe and STAY HOME.

Aalyana Bryan, Staff Writer

Senior Aalyana Bryan a staff writer for the 2019-2020 Colonel. She spends her time listening to music and binge watching Netflix. When she’s not doing that she’s spending time with her baby cousin Bryce.

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