Hello Ledyard Sloths!

You may be asking yourself, what happened to Ledyard Colonels mascot? Well, for those of you who don’t know, Mrs. Fagan, our lovely principal at Ledyard High, has made the decision to change the school mascot.

Why a sloth?  Well, Mrs. Fagan’s favorite animal is a sloth and since we are getting a  sloth in our Agricultural wing, she’s changing the mascot! Starting April 2, Ledyard High School Colonels will be known as the Ledyard Sloths. Be prepared.

This means the signs on the football field and in the gym will be changed to Sloths. The L with the sword through it, that’s in the middle of the gymnasium, will be changed to a sloth hanging at the end of the L. Remember when it took eight months for the football field to be changed from dirt to turf? Well, here comes a year to change the sword through the L to the hanging sloth! Sorry football Colonels… I mean Sloths, your football season will all be away games next season. 

Here’s a word from Mrs. Fagan, the one making some big moves:

“I think this will bring great things for our Ledyard SLOTHS! I decided to make this change because Ledyard just needed something new, and I felt this was the most interesting. It’s actually pretty funny to think about because our athletic teams will be introduced to the fields, courts, or tracks as Ledyard Sloths, but then they’ll be quick and fast during games or meets.”

She continued to explain that she doesn’t really think students care enough about being called Colonels or care about what their mascot is at all, so she said, “Why not change it to my favorite animal?”

Mr. Jay Hartling, the Superintendent of Ledyard Public Schools, already gave permission for this change. This new mascot idea is starting at the high school and will soon spread throughout the other Ledyard schools. Mr. Hartling has also said that when temperatures get too low, since sloths can’t handle the snow, Ledyard High School will have a snow day. 

So Ledyard friends, enjoy your last few hours of being a Colonel because it’s not lasting for much longer. Say hello to being a Ledyard Sloth!

Junior Kandyce Jackson is a staff writer for the Colonel Newsmagazine.

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