AgriScience is Getting a Sloth?

Yes, there is no error in communication, the Ag department is getting a one month old two-toed sloth (his name is Hoyabembe). Mrs. Fagan discussed this earlier with our staff and she told us that he will live in the Ag department and his enclosure will start to be worked on soon. Now as crazy as it sounds, there are no Connecticut laws that are against the ownership of sloths, so therefore, when Mrs. Fagan mentioned the opportunity to the superintendent, Mr. Hartling accepted the idea.

Connecticut is one of the few states with a partial ban on exotic animals, but this mostly applies to animals that are deemed dangerous and are over 50 pounds. Sloths aren’t technically dangerous to humans and most only weigh between 15-20 pounds, so sloth ownership in Connecticut is not impossible. Owning a sloth, however, requires a tight maintenance schedule and costly enclosure that’s about $3,000-$6,500. Sloths are also solitary animals, so this means that only a few people are allowed to interact with the sloth every day. Mrs. Fagan  made sure to check in with the right people and did all the legal paperwork to make sure that Hoyabembe is 100% in full legal ownership of the school. Mrs. Fagan will be sure to send out an email in around a month or so to inform students of Hoyabembe’s arrival. He is said to be here in the early summer, near the end of school. 

Sophomore Carlos Paucar is a staff writer for the 2020-2021 Colonel. He enjoys hiking, hanging out with friends, memes, and playing video games.

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