Preparing for AP Tests

Stressful and late nights, cup of coffee after cup of coffee to get yourself through the night. Cramming in all of the little things that you forgot about until the day before the test. Preparing for AP exams seems way more intense and scary than it needs to be. Let’s take a step back and take a deep breath before we dive right in! Though AP test dates are looming and students may be scrambling for last minute studies and preparations. Here are some low-stress ways to prepare for your upcoming exams.

  1. Start with the older material. Dust off the cobwebs and start with the oldest topics first. Make sure to write notes and do some practice problems. Once you have the hang of the older material, move onto newer topics. After practicing and reviewing all topics, do a practice test of all materials to see if you’ve really mastered it all.
  2. Approach your practice tests with the real AP test in mind. Sure, your notes are right next to you on the table, but put them away! See how you can do without them. Get a real feel for taking the exam, it may help you in the long run. If your test will include a written portion, maybe hand write all of the responses so that you can get used to writing a lot. If you don’t know the answer (that’s okay, that’s why you’re practicing!), guess and move onto the next question; now you know what you have to study!
  3. Make your own study materials. Relying on only your teacher can be detrimental to your success and exam taking skills. Taking practice tests and making sure that you understand the material on your own, without teacher help or guidance, can help you be successful on your exam. Making flashcards or taking your own notes can help you to reorganize your thoughts to ensure maximum understanding of the materials.
  4. Use College Board and Khan Academy! Both of these platforms outline various sections of the AP Exams and can be a low-stress way to prepare yourself. You can take practice tests at your own pace, or watch AP Daily Videos which outline material that will be on the exam. Other resources include Quizlet, for online flashcards, and YouTubefor videos on almost all materials. These resources are right at your fingertips and ready for you to use!

Keep your head high, nutrient-dense foods in your belly, and get plenty of sleep the night before the exam. All of the hard work AP students have put in this year will pay off, just keep working hard until the end. Put your smarty pants on and crush those exams! You’ve got this!

Senior Samantha Lajoie is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 Colonel. She is typically thinking about all things Disney, so if she doesn’t answer you, don’t be offended, join her on her journey to her imagination destination and you may be able to call her back down to earth…or not.

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