Question Corner: Pete Davidson, Books, and TikTok

The one thing that has been highlighted in the world these past two years is that EVERYONE has opinions and this new section will provide a bi-weekly opportunity to hear all about the opinions floating around the Ledyard High cafeteria. Questions will be asked revolving around trends, pop-culture, and school based topics for all students to answer throughout each lunch wave that I attend that week. For this week, students were asked the following three questions:

  1. Are Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian really dating?
  2. Which is better: Movies or Books?
  3. Are TikTok trends affecting school life?

Pop Culture – Are Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian really dating or using it as a decoy? 

  • Junior Isabella Rowan: “They definitely are not dating and using this as a PR decoy to get the attention away from the Travis Scott issues.”
  • Junior Ethan Justice: “It’s fake because Kris Jenner likes attention and publicity.”
  • Senior Emma Reilly: “No Pete Davidson and Kim are not really dating, it’s a decoy. Kim is just jealous that Kylie has a boyfriend.”
  • Mrs. Lehet: “My gut feeling is that it’s fake because Pete doesn’t want four children and he loves Kanye.”
  • Junior Caylee Cliet: “Real because they kissed on Saturday Night Live.”
  • Junior Katie Rezendes: “Not actually dating, it’s payback to Kayne because he treated Kim badly. Kanye and Pete used to be good friends before he got famous.”
  • Junior Yesenia Peralta-Abreu: “It is a fake relationship because they wouldn’t work together since she is a lot older than him.” 
  • Junior Jen Towne: “Obviously not dating because Pete is like 12 and Kim is 50.”
  • Junior Keleila Bryan: “Trust me, they don’t seem like they match. Not dating.”

Trends – Movies or Books?

  • Junior Dan Krupansky: “Books give more information therefore being better than movies.”
  • Junior Tyler Howard: “Movie are better because they are more convenient and less time consuming than reading a whole book #booksarestupid.” (Advisor note: We’re disappointed Tyler, we’ve very disappointed. – Ms. M and Ms. Szell)
  • Sophomore Caden Chahanovich: “Movies because it’s a much better experience being able to go to the theater with friends and eat popcorn, rather than buying a book and reading it and then being done with it.” (A note from Ms. M: Caden, some movies don’t have books! There are so many great books! I’m giving you a book.)
  • Senior Ryan Heide: “Usually the book tends to be better but it really depends on the story because some only work in book form. Books have the benefit of being made for their medium, while movie versions of books have to deal with an adaptation process which may or may not go well. One movie adaptation I think works well is The Prestige. It is different from the original book, but both are good in their own way.”
  • Mr. Turner: “Books are much better because the only books I have ever read where the movies were superior is ‛Lord of the Rings’ and ‛The Hobbit.’ Books allow us to imagine the scenes ourselves based on the author’s intent.”
  • Sophomore Brady Moorehead: “Movies because it’s a social and friendly thing you can enjoy with people. Reading a book is usually an individual activity that can’t be done with friends without being boring.”
  • Junior Colin Miner: “Movies are better than books because you can visualize better (obviously) and there are sound effects. Plus there’s no need to use your mind.”
  • Junior Nicky D’amato: “Movies because I think reading is stupid.” (Advisor note: Come on Nicky, you’re killing us! – Ms. M and Ms. Szell)

School Based – Are TikTok trends affecting school life?

  • Senior Emma Cassidy: “I think that they are affecting it because kids are following trends such as the LHS slumped accounts, but I think it’s not necessarily a negative and it makes life in school a little more interesting. The bathroom ones are annoying though because now you can’t pee during third block.”
  • Junior Tristen Francis: “Yes because of the devious licks that were going on and the whole school facing the consequences of them.”
  • Junior Colin Miner: “Obviously, because people think it’s cool and want to bring it into school to do with friends.”
  • Senior Alex Martinez-Garcia: “I think they do. I thought it was funny until they started locking all the bathrooms. But accounts like the slumped account are still pretty funny, someone should make a bad parking account, I think that would be funny.”
  • Senior Giovani LaRose: “I think Tik Tok is ruining the world.”
  • Junior Thomas Cornell: “I think they are affecting school life because even beyond social circles, school administration has started to talk about it and it’s kind of crazy to me the effect that this stuff has on our school.”
  • Junior Emma Reilly: “I think it does but not drastically but I think it does because administrators hate it and not because of the trends themself.”
  • Senior Casey Grindstaff: “Yes, because people see amazing trends like kicking doors and people use those trends at our school, even if we will all be punished for them.”
  • Senior Alex Moser: “Yes because the bathroom got taken away during 3rd block and people do dances all day in class.”

Stay tuned for our next set of interviews with new questions! Question suggestions for future interviews are welcomed and encouraged; email for any of your amazing ideas and/or thoughts. 

Emily Goodrich, Staff Writer

Senior Emily Goodrich is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 yearbook. She is the Class Vice President and an NHS member. When she’s not harassing her mom to go to the beach or with friends, you could probably find her napping.

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