Question Corner 3: The Winter Olympics, Euphoria, and Mask Mandates

Olympics, Euphoria, and Mask Mandates? Three things no one thought would be the main focus of one article. This week, Question Corner revolves around three topics that I have currently heard about the most when walking through the halls and into class. The first topic being the Winter Olympics that are taking place in Beijing. The second topic being the new popular TV show, Euphoria, about a teenage girl struggling with addiction and also every possible dramatic event that could occur in a troubled high schooler’s life. For the last topic, a decision we have all been waiting for, the decision and opinions revolving around if the mask mandate should be lifted in Ledyard Schools as of February 28.

Pop Culture: What’s your favorite Olympic event to watch? 

  • Senior Beza Wondmagegne: “Long Distance Track.”
  • Junior Abby Trinidad : “Long Jump.”
  • Junior Megan Tabraham : “Volleyball.”
  • Senior Clare Inyang: “My favorite events to watch during the Winter Olympics are the luge and bobsled, and alpine skiing. During the Summer Olympics, I enjoy watching various track and field events including the 100m, 400m and 800 m races. I also enjoy watching the U.S Soccer, basketball and swimming teams.”
  • Junior Madisen McCloud : “Freestyle skiing.” 
  • Junior William Clapper : “Half pipe.”
  • Senior Micah White: “Curling.”
  • Mr. Turner: “For the Winter Olympics, bobsledding or curling.”
  • Senior Iris Brainard: “Gymnastics.”
  • Senior Jack Allyn: “Snowboarding of any kind.”
  • Senior Tyler Smith: “Snowboarding, hockey, and curling.” 

Trends: Who’s your least favorite Euphoria character? 

  • Junior Dagny Green : “Elliot.”
  • Senior Jiana Palombo : “Jules, right now.”
  • Senior Brianna DeCosta: “Leslie for flushing her life.” 
  • Junior Roman Streckfuss “Nate.” 
  • Senior Emma Reilly: “Nate Jacobs.” 
  • Senior Camara Hodges: “Cassie and Nate.” 
  • Sophomore Joselyn Profitt: “Nate Jacobs because he is manipulative and not a good person. Jules did not deserve any of what he did to her.”
  • Junior Joshua Avila: ”Elliot, he literally stole Jules from Rue and unspeakable acts to her right after snitching on Rue.”
  • Junior Layla Lasisomphone: “Jules because I love Rue and she treats her so badly.”
  • Junior Caylee Cliett: “Elliot because he is manipulative and a snitch.”

School based: Do you think we should stop wearing masks as of February 28th? 

  • Junior Isabella Rowan: “No, because I don’t feel that my peers have been as safe as they should be and it makes me worry about my own health.”
  • Senior Beza Wondmagegne: “I think it should be each person’s decision, but also based on the amount of cases that we have district wise I’m not sure what should happen indefinitely.”
  • Senior Logan Stoddard: “Yes, I think we should, but it should be overall.”
  • Junior William Clapper: “It should be optional because precautions are already getting less strict.”
  • Senior Iris Brainard: “No, we should continue to wear them.”
  • Senior Ayden Harris: “I feel it wouldn’t be wise to lift the mask mandate during winter, when flu season is happening, windows are closed, and more people are in enclosed buildings. If we could wait till it becomes warmer, then these things won’t be as much of a problem.”
  • Senior Clare inyang: “As an athlete, I would love to not wear a mask while playing sports, but would not want to remove masks as a whole considering people are vulnerable. I am comfortable wearing my mask. As well as not wearing my mask.”
  • Senior Jack Allyn: “I want it off and never to be put back on again.”
  • Junior Yesenia Peralta-Abreu: “I feel like it should be optional.”

Emily Goodrich, Staff Writer

Senior Emily Goodrich is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 yearbook. She is the Class Vice President and an NHS member. When she’s not harassing her mom to go to the beach or with friends, you could probably find her napping.

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