Ewww, Babies!?

Do the majority of people hate the small form of a human being we call a baby? Do the majority of people love them? Does age or gender have an affect on the answer? Whether good or bad, these tiny people are a part of almost everyone’s lives. As cute and rewarding as they can be, is the hassle and headache of taking care of a miniature human really worth it?

I took a poll on my SnapChat story for high school aged kids, 13-18 years old, on the crucial, possibly controversial question. Turns out 24/60 high schoolers say they don’t like the youngest form of a child, going against the majority of 36/60 high schoolers saying they do. This was shocking, considering they are high schoolers. Are different ages within a high school a deciding factor, causing the differing results? Is gender? Sophomore Kelsey Palmer, female, had her answer right away, “I absolutely love babies. I’m always looking after my younger cousins, and you get used to all of the crying and gross stuff quickly.” On the same note, an excerpt from my interview with Sophomore Noah Nelson, male, “They’re high maintenance, but cute. I have to babysit my two year old sister all the time and I love her. Yeah, she’s annoying, but it’s not all that bad.” My interview with Sophomore Joey Morales, male, took a different perspective; “Not a fan of them when they cry because it gets annoying.” 

I had many interviews with female students who also couldn’t stand babies, so we can rule out gender as a deciding factor. I’ve discovered it is a complete personal preference, having siblings might have some affect, so could the fact of being able to give the baby back to its parents instead of keeping it, but it solely depends on the person you ask.

Cassidy Baker, Staff Writer

Sophomore Cassidy Baker is a staff writer for the 2022-2023 Colonel Newsmagazine. She enjoys reading, anything to do with animals, and spending money she doesn’t have. 

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