Senior Softball Sensation: Aaliyah Amidon

Aaliyah Amidon has been on the Ledyard High School softball team for four years. She will be continuing her softball career at the University of New Haven next year. We interviewed Aaliyah about this year’s season and how she feels about moving on from Ledyard.

Tell me a little about this season, what the team’s record is, what’s left for the season?

We finished 17-6. We started off rough in the beginning losing three games in a row, but eventually made our way to a 10 game winning streak, which is the highest of my high school softball career.

How is this season in comparison to past years?

This season felt more special to me compared to past ones since I know it is my last one. It was also great to be able to end the season after such a great winning streak.

What has been your favorite part of this season so far?

My favorite part of the season was definitely the after game pizza and ice cream runs. It was nice to be able to have those bonding experiences with my teammates. 

How do you feel about this being your last season?

It is very bittersweet. I definitely am going to miss high school softball and my teammates, but I am also super excited to start playing in college.

What are you going to miss the most?

I think I am going to miss the closeness of the team. I am going to miss playing with girls I have played with since I was four. We have all grown so close and connected that it will be sad to leave them. 

Emma Cassidy, Staff Writer Senior Emma Cassidy is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 Colonel Newsmagazine. She is a swimmer, class secretary, and a member of Unified Sports. In her free time she enjoys watching Netflix and playing with her dog.

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