September As and Fs

   As and Fs is a recap and rating of all the events that happened in the month! 

A to the first home football game

 Ledyard won the first home game with a huge lead! Also, many fans showed up dressed in neon to show their support.

  A to marching band

The marching band has performed twice since school started and they have done  a phenomenal job, especially with the new addition of the color guard and performing with a James Bond theme.

A to Colonel Crewstudent section 

This is the first year since 2018 that football games are back to normal. In 2019, EEE prevented football games from being later in the evening and, after that, Covid prevented us from having a normal student section. Now the Colonel Crew is back up and running, and the student section is thriving!

A to the UConn Early College Experience (ECE) Cardboard Boat Race

The UConn marine science class entered into the UConn cardboard boat race. They built a cardboard boat called the “Ugly Ductling.” They came in 3rd in their heat and 2nd place in the championship! They also won best visual design.

A to the bonfire

After the first football game, Gallup Hill Baptist Church hosted a bonfire for students to hang out at after the game. They offered food, s’mores, and more. Many students showed up!

C To Senior Sunrise

The senior class officers organized the annual Senior Sunrise on the second day of school. It was a pretty big turnout, despite it being foggy and freezing!

C to the new cafeteria

Over the summer, LHS upgraded the cafeteria by putting in new food options and TV menus. While the new options are nice, the TVs are a little unnecessary. 

F to summer weather departing

The temperature went from sunny and 80s to rainy and 50s in a week! People are wearing winter jackets to school some days because the temperature dropped so quickly.

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