Servin’ It Up with Shyann McKeon

 “Volleyball is one of the most intense games in the world.  Did you know, a single player may jump as many as 300 times in a volleyball match?” As junior JV volleyball player Shyann McKeon gets ready to play Woodstock Academy, I asked her some important questions:

What are your thoughts and feelings about tonight? 

 “I’m feeling really confident in my team tonight, because I know that we’re a tough team. We go out there as a team and whatever happens, win or lose, I never doubt them for a minute and we leave as a team.” 

How’d you get started playing volleyball and why did you decide to start playing? 

 “I always played for fun when I was younger; I was opted out as a freshman because of Covid, but always watched them (the team) play and wanted to get out on the court with them, but never got the chance to. I stepped into Ledyard my sophomore year and tried out and loved it. I play in summer leagues and now I’m a junior playing for Ledyard again. My top influencers are Taylor Pannell, Cayley Parker and Allie Garland.” 

 Do you have any plans to do volleyball in college 

“I haven’t really planned that far in my life. I do want to play for a college because that’s how much I love and enjoy volleyball, but if I do end up playing for a college it will either be the Blue Devils, Mitchell College or UConn.” 

Olivia Johnson, Staff Writer

Junior Olivia Johnson is a staff writer for the 2022-2023 Colonel Newsmagazine. She likes the beach, traveling, Target, and going to get coffee.

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